Five Easiest Ways to Learn Mandarin Language at Home

Learning a new language can be a great way to improve your skills in general and to give you an edge over other people when it comes to applying for jobs and other opportunities. It can also give your business the boost that it so desperately needs.

Mandarin is a particularly worthwhile language to learn because it’s the second most common language in the world. Better still, you don’t even need to hire a teacher or have official lessons. As long as you make sure you avoid the most common mistakes that people make, you can easily learn Mandarin at home.

Here are just a few ways to do that.

1. Use flashcards

Flashcards can help you to learn a new language by repeatedly exposing you to it until you start to remember things. There are plenty of apps out there that can help you with that, although Brainscape is probably the best one that we’ve seen. You can also create physical flashcards of your own.

2. Get a learning partner

Having a learning partner can help you to practice and to pick up the language much more successfully than you would have if you were learning alone. Your learning partner can be a native speaker already, or they could also be a fellow newbie at a similar proficiency level.

3. Practice writing

Speaking and listening to a language is one thing, but being able to write in it is something else entirely. The good news is that you have options. In the same way that you’d get assignment help if you were struggling to write something for a university course, you can get writing tips online to help you to perfect your written Mandarin.

4. Read books

Picking up books that are written in Mandarin won’t be easy, especially if you’ve only just started learning it, but it will help you to learn the language in context. To begin with, you can start by picking up bilingual books which contain the text in Mandarin on one side and the text in your native language on the other side.

5. Make it fun

Easily the best way to make any new language learning project more approachable is to make it as fun as you can. Perhaps you can learn vocabulary that’s related to a subject that you’re passionate about, such as sports or literature. You need to do what you can to make it as fun and as approachable as possible.


Now that you know just a few of the easiest ways to learn the Mandarin language at home, it’s over to you to put what you’ve learned into practice and to start learning Mandarin today. Remember, the sooner you start learning, the sooner you’ll be fluent. Good luck!

Author Bio

Jane Evans is a Yorkshire-based writer and blogger who works for best essay sites and personal tutors. When she’s not at home sitting in front of a computer, she likes to travel and to meet new interesting people. You can find out more by connecting with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.