Feliz Mexican Independence Day!

On September 16th, 1810 the “Grito de la Independencia” which translates to the “Cry of Independence” was the pronouncement by Roman Catholic Priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla as the first step towards Mexican independence from Colonial Spain. The planned revolt originating from the tiny town of Delores, Mexico has been a source of Mexican pride and patriotism despite the fact that the actual transliteration of the speech has been long lost, thus altered numerous times by historians. The best paraphrasing of Hidalgo’s rallying cry has been noted as,  My children: a new dispensation comes to us today. Will you receive it? Will you free yourselves? Will you recover the lands stolen three hundred years ago from your forefathers by the hated Spaniards? We must act at once… Will you defend your religion and your rights as true patriots? Long live Our Lady of Guadalupe! Death to bad government! Death to the gachupines!'”

Today’s holiday is considered a “fiesta patria” which translates to “patriotic festival.” The day is marked with parades, concerts, sporting events, and of course tons and tons of food. Mexican Independence Day celebrations are not much different than American Independence Day celebrations. Traditionally, the mayors of towns in Mexico also ring a bell in the town square and repeat a version of the original “Grito de la Independencia” to the towns people.

On Sept. 14th, two nights ago as of the writing of this entry and the official observance of Mexican Independence Day there was a major party inside the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas as 25,000 fans of the Mexican superstar boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez cheered on their hero as he eventually went on to be defeated by Floyd Mayweather. The scene inside the area was breathtaking as there were Mexican flags and clothing in the red, white, green blinding the cameras. Chants in the Spanish language broke out in support of both “Canelo” and in observance of Mexican Independence Day. Just having this small peak into the pride the Mexican people have for their own and their history was a sight to be seen.