Essential Foreign Languages You Need to Learn in 2021

Learning a foreign language opens up your world. It is also the door to a broader world-view because you can interact with more people and materials. Admittedly, learning a foreign is tough. However, the benefits of learning a foreign language make the effort worth.

From records, there are slightly over 7.117 languages in the world today. It is, however, humanly impossible to learn all these languages. Some of them are used by a handful of people, making it unnecessary to learn the language unless you have a very special assignment.

Having noted the difficulty in learning a foreign language, why do people still bother with these languages? Even if it’s a part of your college assignment, isn’t it easier to buy essay online and stop bothering with all these rules of a new language? Well, here are a few considerations that make the effort worthwhile.

  • Expand Your Employment Potential- a student graduating in college with only one language has limited potential. For instance, if you only understand English, you can only serve 1.2 billion people. However, adding one more language like Chinese means that you can work among 1.12 billion more, increasing your chances of employment. Further, you can now travel to other countries in search of employment and stand a good chance because you understand their language.
  • Boost Your Rate of Interaction-you can only interact with people whose language you understand or can understand your own. If you are a tourist or want to be an international citizen, knowledge of other languages will be mandatory. While you travel, you can ask for directions, order food, and know more about other people because you understand their language.
  • Increase You Earning Potential – whether you are in business or employment, an additional language means an expanded customer base. Take the example of a freelancer. You can now serve customers in multiple countries. As a result, you boost your income potential.

It is worth noting that not all languages offer these benefits or the benefits are not at the same scale. For instance, if you learn a language spoken by several thousand people, your potential will be smaller than that of a student who learned a language spoken by a billion people. That said, which are the most essential foreign languages to learn in 2021 and why?

  1. Mandarin Chinese

The language is spoken mainly in Northern and Southern China. Currently, there are more than 1.2 billion people around the world speaking Mandarin Chinese. If you are an English speaker, learning the language gives you a chance to do business and interact with an additional 1.2 billion people. That is huge potential for your business or personal life.

China is also growing very fast. As a result, it has spread its tentacles around the world. It is producing supplies that you can buy and sell around the world. As Chinese companies set foot in different parts of the world, they will need interpreters and intermediaries. You will be accurately positioned to take up such a role.

The people around the world also want to interact better with China for business, tourism, and personal engagements. They require interpreters to handle documentations, conferences, product descriptions, and regulations, among other types of content. Learning Mandarin, therefore, opens a new chapter in your life for personal interactions, business, and employment.

  1. French

French is spoken by more than 276.6 million people around the world. While France as a country has fewer numbers, the French have managed to spread their tentacles throughout the world. In fact, you are likely to find more French speakers who are not of French origin than the native French.

French is already recognized as one of the international languages. It is, therefore, used in documents by companies and international organizations like the UN. NGOs also engage a lot in the French language, giving you a chance to get employment in the sector.

French companies are also expanding rapidly. Their expansion means that they need bilingual language speakers to streamline their operations. You become a business and social intermediary once you learn French. Luckily, there are numerous apps and colleges offering French classes. Such opportunities and facilities make learning easier.

  1. Spanish

More than 537.9 million people speak Spanish around the world. Like French, there are more Spanish language speakers outside Spain. The language spread through colonization and immigration. It is also recognized as an international language for business and social communication. A lot of apps and colleges offer Spanish classes, making it easier to learn as well as practice.

  1. Arabic

The rise of Arab nations in the Middle East has brought to fore the need to learn their language. Over 274 million people speak and interact in Arabic around the world. Since the Arabic society has been enclosed for a while, there are few apps and colleges offering the language. Now that the region is embracing the world more, learning the Arabic opens numerous opportunities for those who graduate.

The potential of a foreign language depends on social acceptance and the opportunities it will open up. Your employment and earning potential increase instantly once you learn a new language. Luckily, there are numerous online and offline tools to help you learn any foreign language.