Common Road Blocks When Learning a Language and How to Overcome Them

The older you get, the more challenging it becomes to learn a new language. Learning a language like Mandarin Chinese or Brazilian Portuguese is always challenging, especially with all the new rules, syntax and even colloquialisms that you must take on. Unfortunately, when we learn a new language, we sabotage our own efforts somewhere along the way, even if we don’t know we’re doing it.

Here are some other common roadblocks you may face when learning a new language and how BRIC Language Systems can help.

  1. Failure to practice enough. Practice makes perfect: it’s a well-known saying for a reason. Studying every single day is key to mastering any new subject, but particularly a new language. That’s because repetition is a big part of learning effectively, as it helps you form long-term memories. It’s actually better if you just study for five or 10 minutes a day rather than tackling large blocks of study time. Language learning programs like BRIC can help because they offer one on one or group lessons that meet frequently online – according to YOUR schedule. Because BRIC is an online language learning system, you can take it with you wherever you go, with no excuses not to study.
  2. Failure to understand the grammatical technicalities. This is true of learning any language, particularly if you’ve been monolingual all your life. Consequently, you try to reason and apply the grammar laws of your primary language to the second. It doesn’t always work this way. Every language is unique, with its own rules and exceptions. Try to get the mindset that you will not mimic English grammar when studying Mandarin Chinese, for example. Embrace a full understanding of your new language’s grammar through the selection of reliable sources of linguistics. From word order and verb conjugations to tense and mood, BRIC Language Systems can help you master the new vocabulary and grammar through full interactivity, modern content and cultural training.
  3. Failure to listen to natives speaking the language. You may be able to learn the technicalities of a language, but being around someone who can speak it fluently on a regular basis will bring everything together. BRIC gives you exposure to native speakers so you can listen, watch, and learn. Connecting you with teachers in remote countries, such as China and Brazil, is key in solidifying all the principles you’ve been learning daily.

Let BRIC Language Systems help you take your language learning journey. We offer a revolutionary way of learning anything from Mandarin Chinese to Brazilian Portuguese to Spanish. Don’t fall victim to these language learning roadblocks. Get instruction from the leader in language learning: BRIC!