Business-Elite Translation Services

Professional translation services for documents, contracts and other types of business literature from:

  • Spanish to English translation
  • Chinese (Mandarin) to English translation
  • Brazilian Portuguese to English translation
  • English to Spanish translation
  • English to Chinese (Mandarin) translation
  • English to Brazilian Portuguese translation

Our global network of linguists based in the United States, Mexico, China and Brazil provide professional services with expertise from each native country.

Effective communication across borders and language barriers is essential for all multi-national businesses and professionals. The globalized world, dependent on outsourcing, overseas partners, complex business models, foreign offices, requires precise translation to accurately convey your message.

Our translation services allow you or your business to confidently communicate your message to another segment of the market, global partners, and foreign organizations. You can rest assured that with our years of expertise in the language industry, your source material will be flawlessly translated.

For those that already have translated material, we also offer accurate and professional editing and proofreading. We will give you the confidence to communicate effectively!


We pride ourselves on quality and accuracy, and as such understand that it takes time to achieve this. We break our prices into rates based on difficulty of the translation.

Regular Translation:

Per word rate: $0.11

  • For what we consider to be a typical or regular translation, we expect to translate about 300-350 words per hour.

Technical Translation:

Per word rate: $0.15

  • For technical translations, such as manuals, handbooks, financial documents, legal documents or medical documents.


If you are unsure of what rate you would be charged, and would like to inquire, you are able to submit your material(s) to BRIC Elite Translation for a personalized price quote.

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