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One thing I love about traveling to China is the food.  Every region has its own distinct flavors.  I like things spicy so tend to go with Szechuan and Hunan Cai.  I also like Xingjiang food which is the northwestern most province in China and populated by the Uighur people.  My other go to is dumplings. Xiaolongbao, shengjian, jiaozi; I love Chinese dumplings in all shapes and sizes.  So, the question becomes with all of this deliciousness why do things like the thousand year egg, pig brain, and the tea egg exist?

Why must I suffer through sea cucumber dinners and why do I always feel the need to at least try these things???  I guess out of a sense curiosity, I really did want to know what the brain tasted like.  I will say this though, usually if it looks bad, or is not an animal part that you would normally eat, then I wouldn’t eat it.  It usually tastes, smells, and feels like you think it would…not good.  I would try to stick to things like dan dan mian, peiking duck, mapo tofu, gong bao jiding, and try new things like the bulls head dinner which I thought would be terrible but it wound up being absolutely delicious.  I definitely recommend stretching your boundaries but you should know your limits or you might regret it.