China Tour and Immersion Program Packages

Starting June 2nd, 2014 and continuing throughout the summer, BRIC Language System’s two-week China Tour based in Shanghai and featuring intensive Chinese language courses, exciting cultural experiences, travel to some of the country’s most famous landmarks, including a 3-day trip to Beijing, and planned meals at traditional restaurants! 

Language Course

Students will take part in a 48-hour Mandarin Chinese course, split between online language classes prior to departure and face-to-face Chinese lessons upon arrival in China.

Two weeks prior to your trip, you will start by learning Chinese online. The first 24 hour-period includes intensive online Chinese lessons designed to help students form a solid base of Mandarin skills, providing them with the confidence they need to really “hit the ground running.” Students have the option to participate in either group or private online Mandarin Chinese lessons.

The second 24 hours of Mandarin Chinese classes will take place in China, providing students an opportunity to learn Mandarin in China, with approximately three hours of instruction per day. This part of the program is designed to give students a stronger knowledge of the Chinese language and culture by the time they leave Shanghai.


Students stay with young couples or families in typical Chinese homes. Being totally immersed in the Chinese culture greatly enhances the student’s learning experience.

Tourist Attractions and Activities
In addition to exploring Shanghai –China’s most exciting city — a day trip gives students an opportunity to venture out and see one of the Yangtze River Delta’s most historic cities. Students will also visit Beijing — the heart of both modern and ancient China! The program also includes several delicious traditional Chinese meals and a variety of fun activities.

Shanghai: When you think about modern China, chances are you’re thinking of Shanghai. Step into Shanghai and you immediately see the confluence of old world and new world, where centuries-old traditional Chinese culture and historic buildings sit up against a backdrop of modern skyscrapers. You can feel the city’s incredible energy the minute you set foot in Shanghai. The flashpoint of China’s economic explosion and a genuine trendsetter, Shanghai truly is the country’s most dynamic city. Some of the world famous sites you will see in Shanghai include:

  • The Bund
  • Yuyuan Garden
  • People’s Square/People’s Park
  • Nightlife on the Bund
  • Huangpu River Cruise
  • Oriental Pearl TV Tower
  • SWFC Tower
  • Shanghai Museum
  • Urban Planning Exhibition Center
  • Teppenyaki
  • KTV

Beijing: Travelers to China’s capital will find a city overflowing with history and culture. From Kublai Khan to Chairman Mao, this city has been at the heart of Chinese civilization for more than 1,000 years. From the Summer Palace to the Forbidden City, from the Great Wall to Tiananmen Square, and from Chairman Mao Memorial Hall to the Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium, Beijing is truly one of the world’s most beautiful and cultural cities. No matter where you go in this city, you’ll find an intriguing mix of the ancient and modern. Popular sites to see in Beijing include:

  • Tiananmen Square
  • Forbidden City
  • Great Wall
  • Lama Temple
  • Nanluguxiang
  • Temple of Heaven
  • Qianmen
  • Summer Palace

Yangtze River Delta Cities (Day Trip Options):

Hangzhou: Marco Polo once described this ancient capital of China as the finest and most luxurious city in the world. Hangzhou is now the capital of Zhejiang, China’s most entrepreneurial and, at times, chaotic province. Despite being the capital of Zhejiang, Hangzhou remains a sanctuary. Whether you’re looking for somewhere peaceful to relax or for some fun outdoor activities, Hangzhou’s historic West Lake scenic area has much to choose from, including an abundance of bike trails and boating opportunities as well as over 60 cultural relic sites. Activities include:

  • West Lake
  • West Lake Boat Cruise
  • Lingyin Temple
  • Gu Shan (Solitary Hill)
  • Tea Plantation

Suzhou: Suzhou is a beautiful city known for its canals, bridges, pagodas, and gardens, which were built by wealthy families and emperors hundreds of years ago. Suzhou is also known as the silk capital of China. A tour of a silk factory offers a unique glimpse into the centuries-old trade. Suzhou is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Popular sites include:

  • Humble Administrator’s Garden
  • The Classical Garden
  • Suzhou Museum
  • Gardens/canals

Nanjing: Nanjing is known as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, most recently serving as the capital of the Republic under the Kuo Min Tang. Nanjing boasts China’s largest still intact city wall, along with a diverse and rich history. Sites and activities in Nanjing include:

  • QinHuai River cruise
  • Nanjing Massacre Museum
  • ZhongShan Sun Yat-Sen Memorial/Ming Tomb
  • ZhongHua Gate
  • City Wall

Wuzhen: Wuzhen Town is a water town at the center of a triangle formed by Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou. Ride the old canals between ancient homes and temples. Popular activities include:

  • River ferries
  • See the old town sceneries (West side is better and cleaner)
  • There are a couple bars for night
  • Lamb soup is traditional
  • Foot Binding (3 inch feet) Museum

Itinerary for China Tour

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
9:00-12:00 Car pickup at Pudong Airport to home stay, hostel or hotel Chinese Lesson Chinese Lesson Chinese Lesson Day Trip Choose between: Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, a river town or a different nearby Yangtze Delta location (back and forth in 1 day) Chinese Lesson FREE DAY – allow the students to venture out and experience China for themselves
12:00-13:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:30-17:00 Urban Planning Museum, Shanghai Museum, People’s Park & Square, Nanjing Dong Lu, Bund Huaihai rd, Xintiandi, French Concession, Tian Zi Fang Shanghai Old Street, Chenghuang temple, YuYuan Garden (shopping & traditional food) Choice: Jing’An Temple or YuFu Temple
18:00-next morning Brought to accommodations – Neighborhood tour (depends on the flight arrival time) Coffee or a drink at Captain – Welcome dinner party – Get to know some expats and Chinese Dinner in Tianzifang Free Night – Allow the students to venture out and experience China for themselves Teppanyaki Dinner & KTV Night!
Time Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14
9:00-12:00 Chinese Lesson Train to Beijing (~5 hours) – 3 hr. lesson on the train, focus about Beijing life. Great Wall Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, etc. Chinese Lesson Chinese Lesson Take MAGLEV to airport – Unsure of flight times, but options include the Bund, YuYuan, Lujiazui, or another of the students favorite places.
12:00-13:30 Lunch Lunch FREE TIME Lunch
13:30-17:00 Lujiazui: Choice of towers: Jinmao, 101 or the Pearl of the Orient. Super Brand Mall (Can buy food/drinks for cruise in mall) Choice: Temple of Heaven or Summer Palace Choice: MoGanShan Lu (art, relaxing) or SuZhou Creek
18:00-next morning Huangpu River Cruise HouHai (art, cafes, bars, bands) – Then traditional Beijing Duck Dinner Nan Lu Gu Xiang Train to Shanghai (~5 hours) Going away party! Home made food,gift baskets

Thank you for your interest in BRIC’s China Tour. If you’re ready, select a package below. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Package 1: $2,499.00

24 hours online group lessons and 24 hours group Face to Face lessons, Dormitory-style hostel bed room in a centralized location in Shanghai

Package 2: $2,750.00

24 hours private online lessons, 24 hours group Face to Face lessons, Dormitory-style hostel bed room in a centralized location in Shanghai

Package 3: $2,999.00

24 hours online group lessons and 24 hours group Face to Face lessons, Private hostel room in a centralized location in Shanghai

Package 4: $3,250.00

24 hours private online lessons, 24 hours group Face to Face lessons, Standard private room at a mid-range hotel in a centralized location in Shanghai