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It’s hard to refute the notion that business is built upon trust, whether that trust is with your suppliers, manufactures, bankers, or customers. Studies prove that trust is more easily established in close-knit communities where there are shared interests and where a common language exists. Therefore, speaking only English represents a monumental impediment to establishing mutual trust when the people sitting on the opposite side of the table don’t speak your language. Imagine being in the negotiating room with a foreign company and they speak English, but you don’t speak their language. You’re at a disadvantage. In essence, you are revealing your hand while they are able to conceal their thoughts. Many companies realize this once it’s too late and then they scramble to hire someone who can speak the language, sacrificing business acumen for language skills. To succeed in any foreign market, your organization needs people with talent AND language skills.

BRIC’s Revolutionary Approach, which was designed with the business professional in mind, ensures that you never again sacrifice talent for language fluency. We have built custom packages for a number of the world’s largest companies and we would love to do the same for you. Complete the form below today so we can design a language solutions package for your organizational needs.

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Coming Soon: Russian, Hindi & Arabic

Did you know BRIC offers Corporate Discounts for companies with six or more employees?  See our Corporate Discount rates listed below and fill out the following form to see how we can help your company.

Corporate Discounts

  • Groups of 6 – 10 Employees Save 10%
  • Groups of 11 – 20 Employees Save 15%
  • Groups of 21 – 30 Employees Save 20%
  • Groups of 31 or more Employees Save 25%

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