Bullish on Brazil

With news outlets informing everyone that Brazil is growing slower than it should, and more extreme opinions stating that Brazil has squandered its opportunity to truly become a dominant force, it can be difficult at times to really justify why I believe Brazil will continue to grow.

I believe in Brazil. It has too much going for it to give up on it. There is reason to remain hopeful, such as Brazil’s September rush of formal job creation. Consumer spending is also strong, which is a great sign. You don’t have to read tea leaves to understand that Brazil is still a strong economy.

Sure, the infrastructure is not quite there yet. It will probably take some time to figure out a solution that doesn’t destroy the world’s largest rainforest. Other issues such as high tax rates and the burden of social safety net plans are impossible to overlook. But as I’ve said before, there’s too much going for Brazil to throw in the towel (there’s a reason it’s the 6th largest economy).

For me, I also look at a lot of the language that has recently been used through an eye of skepticism. It’s less than a year until Brazil’s next presidential election. This should be something that you keep in the back of your mind. As an American, I can testify that the media twists and amplifies certain things during our presidential elections.

Another rationalization? Well, I’ll just say that it doesn’t seem like ANY area in the world’s economy is overly stellar. Take a look at North America, Asia, Europe… There are areas of crisis everywhere. Brazil is still growing, and we are ready to write it off? Not me.

Remember that it’s best to discover or gain an advantage before everyone else does, to truly exploit it. When I see Brazil as being weaker than it potentially could right now, I see an opportunity. Isn’t now the best time to really immerse yourself in Brazil? You don’t want to be the person that jumps on a bandwagon. You want to be the early adopter, and become the expert.