Buick – Our Corporate Driver in Shanghai

Buick is not just the name of one of the most popular automotive brands in China, it’s also the English name of one my favorite people in China.  Buick is the name of our corporate driver in Shanghai.

He picked me up every morning when I was still living in China and drove me home at night.  This might sound a bit high society but it is standard operating procedure for most foreign firms in China.

The reason for this is that most expats living in China can’t drive here.  Buick also became more than just a driver, he is a friend, a body guard, and a great singer.  These pictures are from a vacation he took a few years back to Sanya, the Chinese Hawaii and I came across them on the train and had to share them.

Just Buick being Buick.  These are classic and really leave me wanting my next vacation to be a trip with Buick.