BRIC Language Learning is proud to offer a variety of study and work abroad options in China in partnership with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. These programs include 3, 4, 8 and 16 week courses. All programs involve experiential learning, language training opportunities, corporate visits, and a guest speaker series. The businesses studied range from local and international startups to Fortune 500 companies in all industries. Students who participate in these programs will leave with a firm understanding of both Chinese business culture and international business.

In addition to the business focused courses and events, networking events are held with young professional groups and day trips to a variety of cities are available for those interested in exploring China. These are the ultimate in study abroad courses!
BRIC/Sufe Course Options

Main Course Overview

This cutting-edge program combines the talents of SUFE, a top tier Chinese university, and BRIC Language Learning, an award-winning language and cultural training company, for a truly unique experience-based learning environment. The full program is a full semester long lasting 16 weeks with 4 weeks of language and business training followed by a 12-week internship.

In addition to the main program, we also offer smaller course options for those interested.

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SUFE Course Options

Individual Session Options

Individual Courses

Option 1:
How To Accomplish Things in China
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Option 2:
Combining Culture and Business in China
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Option 3:
New Year in China
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