Expat Information Guide

Making the move abroad for either school or work? Gather all of the information you need from the list of resources below – from offline events and networking opportunities to job and re-location aid – there’s a resource here that will make your transition to being an expatriate, a breeze. We have also put together a comprehensive guide to becoming an expat in our resources section.

BRIC Language Learning: Online language and cultural training for young professionals and business people. BRIC also offers internships in China and Brazil and features an expat services listings.

American Chamber of Commerce: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce represents more than 3 million businesses all around the globe. With a range of businesses and sectors, you can explore job listings, government regulations and more for over 100 different countries.

Expat Network: Expat Network helps you find your ideal job overseas and provides all the relevant resources in one place to support you while abroad and on return. We have been doing this successfully for over 25 years with a long-established expat expert team.

US China Strong: This non-profit organization focuses on helping the future leaders of American better understand how to work with China. The organization works to improve relations between US-China by building up the future generation of leaders.

The Culture Trip: Get local content and personalized recommendations for locations around the world. Content is shared from 40 different contributor hubs, so that wherever you ago and whenever you go – you’ll have the best local information.

Go Overseas: A community of travelers that provides comprehensive information about programs abroad worldwide, along with interesting articles and tips on living and working overseas.

Guide to Becoming an Expat: A visual slideshow highlighting details to consider before and during your expat adventure. Topics include travel requirements, networking opportunities, best places to move and more.

Internations: A global network that connects expatriates from around the world with other expatriates.  Connect, meet and get the inside scoop from other trusted expat sources.

Expat Exchange: An ideal resource for a new expatriate – this forum allows you to confer and learn from other expatriates. Gather insight of living overseas, dealing with culture shock and gain insider information from those who have gone before you.

EasyExpat: A resource with good information, forums, job listing and city guides for expatriates on overseas moving and relocation abroad.

Job Hero: This guide to working and volunteering abroad contains 41 carefully selected resources that will help you learn about your country of interest and locate volunteer and/or job opportunities as well as discover expatriates who have made the leap abroad.

Expat Focus: A community of expatriates that provides country-specific information, financial tips, interviews and forms with other expatriates.

ExpatFinder: A resource with good information about your next host country. The site helps you compare and find relevant products and services for your relocation or life abroad.

Expat Woman: With many years of expatriate experience, this Dubai-based forum shares content about being an expat, offers event and meet ups helping expats connect with other expats.

Future Expats: An expatriate-run website that focuses on helping new expatriates figure out the move, and how to plan the move and navigate through the different regions, countries and cities.

Expat.com: A comprehensive resource that will help you connect with other expatriates in the area, find events going on near you and find the right home in your new location.

Meetup: A source for meetings and meet ups around the world. It brings together people who share the same interests, teach the same things and love to learn.

Workpermit.com: All the information you need to know about immigration rules and regulations, including work permits and visas. Stay up-to-date on important updates and changes during your abroad experiences.

AsiaExpat: A global directory for expatriates living in Asia. This includes finding jobs, getting moving quotes, and resources on where to live and what to do.

Angloinfo: International network for all English-speakers who live around the world. Featured in 40 different countries, you can find the information you need for wherever you are.

Expat Arrival: Articles, information, and local city guides for expatriates who need help planning their move, holidays and business travels.

Transitions Abroad: Whether traveling, studying, or moving abroad – here is the biggest resource for transitioning to a new culture and lifestyle.