There’s no doubt about it, life as an expat in any foreign country can be a scary thing! Sure, there are certain things you go in expecting to be different, like the food, the spoken language and the culture. Other things, however can take you completely by surprise, depending on how prepared you are. Simple activities you might have taken for granted back at home, for instance, taking the bus, finding health insurance or going to the grocery store might be a completely different experience in a foreign country.

Another thing you might take for granted living at home – knowing who to call in the case of an emergency. Do you know where your country’s consulate or embassy is located or how to get in touch with them? While it’s virtually impossible to think up every possible scenario that could arise while living overseas, by doing a little bit of research you will arrive that much better prepared so we’ve done the research for you have prepared these lists. To find out more details about Expatriate services in the country you are planning to visit, click any one of the options below or feel free to browse through the list of online expat resources we have compiled.

Mexico Expat Services

Brazil Expat Services

China Expat Services

If you think of something that we’re missing or have any questions about anything on this list, feel free to contact us.