BRIC’s New Referral Program


Getting Started

We are proud to announce a brand new referral program that we are offering! Help become a BRIC brand ambassador and spread the word about how we teach languages. It’s easy to get started and you can reap the rewards – just follow these quick steps:

  1. Share a personalized link with your friends and family via email, Facebook or Twitter
  2. Encourage your friends, family or colleagues to sign up for BRIC Language Services – they’ll receive a discount code for a $15 discount off their course selection.
  3. Enjoy your $30 cash reward once your friends and family are successfully enrolled in a course. We’ll send you a check for each person who signs up with your recommendation!


Q: Is there a limit to how much I can earn?
A: No – keep sharing and sending your friends, family, colleagues, classmates and anyone else you think will enjoy or benefit from learning a new language!

Q: How will you know if someone is referred by me?
A: We have a program that will keep track of someone who clicked on your code and then purchased a course. Keep in mind, the code will only last for 90 days per person.

Q: When will I receive my $30 cash reward?
A: After your referral is successfully enrolled and begins their course, we will write you a check and send it in the mail. Please note: you only receive your reward if your referral stays enrolled in the course.

Ready to become a BRIC ambassador? Let’s go!