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Ryan McMunn’s interview with Kathy Ireland on the benefits for both individuals and corporations of learning foreign languages.

» 15 Tech Tools to Help Take Your Business Globalbusiness-news-daily-logo 

Business News Daily included BRIC as a language learning tool in its list of ’15 Tech Tools to Help Take Your Business Global.’


» Rumor, Manipulation and Change: 5 Founders’ Views on the Chinese Economy

Some business owners in China are not very optimistic about the Chinese economy and the nation’s recent stock market crash. Manufacturers are facing real business threats, but the service industry and other parts of the economy are still growing robustly. This article exposes 5 entrepreneurs views on the Chinese economy.

» Red China, Red Tape: How to Start a Business There

According to the World Bank Group, China ranks 90th in the world for ease of doing business and 128th in the world for starting a business. That puts China behind Seychelles and just ahead of Nigeria for entrepreneurs The good news is that this number is up 23 spots from 2014; the bad news is that it is still exceedingly difficult to get a new business up and running in the Middle Kingdom.

» “How do I get started in China?”

“How do I get started in China?” was a recurring question I recently encountered when I lectured on global entrepreneurism at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business. And the process for doing just that — finding a job in China — may understandingly seem intimidating for many aspiring young global business people.

BRIC Language Systems in Yahoo Finance

» How to Build a Strong Start-Up Is as Successful as Panelists

Ryan McMunn CEO of BRIC Language Systems Other Founders, CEO’s, Business Professors, and Lawyers Talk About the Successes, and Failures, That Go Into Building a Strong Startup

The Dallas Morning News

» BRIC Language Taps Corporate Clients With Discounted Rates Further Taking Market Share From Rival Rosetta Stone

In yet another challenge to Rosetta Stone’s undeserved spot atop the language training hierarchy, BRIC Language Systems is continuing to attract US multinational corporate clients. In announcing a further reduction of its base rate to just $349, while continuing to offer up to 25% discounts to corporate clients, BRIC will continue to gain market share among US multinationals.


» BRIC Language Systems Announcement of Mandarin Immersion Course Is Another Blow to Rosetta Stone

BRIC Language systems announces the start dates for its Chinese Business Immersion course in Shanghai while simultaneously announcing a complete sell out of the popular immersion program.

BRIC Language Systems in Yahoo Finance

» How to Build a Strong Start-Up Is as Successful as Panelists

Ryan McMunn CEO of BRIC Language Systems Other Founders, CEO’s, Business Professors, and Lawyers Talk About the Successes, and Failures, That Go Into Building a Strong Startup

"Bric Language at Market Wired"

» BRIC Language offers corporate discounted rates taking market share from Rosetta Stone

BRIC Language Systems has just released its new discounted corporate rates, and it is already attracting even more US corporate clients. BRIC is rapidly gaining market share among multinationals, benefiting more US companies to succeed abroad.

BRIC Language Systems in Yahoo Finance

» BRIC CEO, to give hard hitting speech at ICT for Language Learning

Ryan McMunn, will be speaking on November 13th at the ICT for Language Learning in Florence, Italy on his paper The Evolution From “Ignorant American” To “American Polyglot.” His talk will debunk the myth of the lazy American, proving that the desire is there, but the options available fail to teach languages effectively”

Reuters Covers BRIC Language Systems

» BRIC CEO, Ryan McMunn gives two riveting lectures at the University of Colorado

Ryan McMunn, spoke with two University of Colorado classes on September 17th. He stressed the need for college students to globalize their skill sets “while the US is the world’s largest mix of different cultures, only 18% of Americans speak a second language other than English.”

BRIC Language Systems in Yahoo Finance

» BRIC Language Systems CEO Ryan McMunn Selected for Presentation at ICT Conference in Florence, Italy

BRIC Founder & CEO, Ryan McMunn, will be presenting his paper “The Evolution from Ignorant American to American Polyglot” this November 2014 in Florence, Italy. The ICT conference will host leading language experts, teachers, researchers, and others with experience in the field.

Bloomberg News Features BRIC Language Systems

» BRIC Language Systems Wins PrivCo’s Translation Services for Alibaba IPO

Bloomberg had a feature on how BRIC Language Systems won the bidding for PrivCo’s translation services of the highly anticipated Alibaba IPO and all future PrivCo translations in Chinese. The Alibaba IPO is a highly significant due to the sheer size of the technology giant.

BRIC Language Systems in Yahoo Finance

» World Cup Travellers Put at Ease by BRIC Language Systems

The highly successful World Cup package, which put soccer fans in Brazil as well as prepared them with a tailor made lesson plan for the world cup, also had the added benefit of making customers feel safe as well as satisfied.

Read Articles by Ryan McMunn in The Huffington Post

Rumor, Manipulation and Change: China’s Entrepreneurs Correctly Predicted the Great Fall of China

In the wake of a growing skepticism internationally on the health of China’s economy, it’s a good time to revisit 3 entrepreneurs’ lucid predictions on the Chinese economy.

» The Business of Etiquette

While fluency in a foreign language is key when it comes to forging new business deals, cultural etiquette should be considered equally important.

» Failing My Way to Success in Brazil

In order to succeed in foreign countries a startup needs to know the language and the culture of the country they operate in or they’re doomed to failure.

» 6 Tips From a Global Entrepreneur on Building a Multinational Startup

Ryan McMunn gives valuable tips during his speech on what it takes to be a successful global entrepreneur at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business.

» Cheating the Chinese

Opinions on Chinese negotiations have been discussed for a very long time. Here’s what BRIC founder & CEO, Ryan McMunn, has discovered that can help you in your business.

» Eight Tips For a Life in China

Ryan McMunn uses his first hand knowledge of living abroad to give valuable insight and tips when it comes to living in China. This advice may be specific to expatriates living in the middle kingdom, but is easily applicable to other locales.

» America Inc. Needs Attitude Adjustment to Reach Full Potential Abroad

BRIC Language Systems’ founder & CEO, Ryan McMunn, enlightens readers with some of his experiences living and working in China. Focuses on the importance of relationships and how little contractual agreements are worth in China.

» China and Mexico, Manufacturing Giants, U.S. Weak

Although there was a time when the USA was known for its manufacturing strength, but that time has long since gone. BRIC Language Systems’ founder & CEO, Ryan McMunn, gives forecasts for the manufacturing industries located in both Mexico and China, and compares that to the current state of America.

» China Faces Uphill Battle to Surpass U.S. Economy

Second installment of a series on China. China has the #2 economy, only behind that of the US. But there are many factors that are keeping China from reaching its full potential, and until these issues are remedied, they will remain firmly entrenched as second place.

» Beer Goggles: Why China Isn’t As Great As We Thought

First of a two part series regarding the Chinese economy. Opens up a discussion comparing the economies of the USA and China. Chinese growth has been a hot topic for a while now, and Ryan McMunn discusses why China has been a disappointment.

» China Versus U.S.A.

BRIC Language Systems thought leader, Ryan McMunn, gives his take on the Chinese GDP growth forecasts and implications that can be drawn from looking at and beyond the numbers. With China knocking on America’s doorstep, an understanding of where the world is headed is increasingly important.

» Fail Fast, Succeed Faster: 5 Keys To Success

BRIC Language Systems, the brainchild of founder & CEO Ryan McMunn, is a start-up company with a company culture deeply-rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit. As a successful entrepreneur, Ryan gives his five keys to success when starting your own business.

» Talk Smart and Get Ahead

Multinational corporations face many challenges when it comes to satisfying customers on a global scale, as every market has its own idiosyncrasies. Small and medium sized companies, as well as the people that operate them are also tasked with understanding a culture that is not their own. McMunn writes about how to deal with these issues and gives a solution to the challenge.

Reuters Covers BRIC Language Systems

» BRIC Language Systems Wins PrivCo’s Translation Services for Alibaba IPO

BRIC Language Systems won the bidding for the Alibaba IPO translation and all other China IPO translations with PrivCo, as noted on Reuters. The Alibaba IPO has vast implications due to the enormity of the technology firm.

Ryan McMunn China Central Television Interview

» CCTV – Business Asia America

BRIC Language Systems CEO Ryan McMunn interviewed by CCTV America’s Liling Tan on the salary increases and career advancement that come with learning a second language. McMunn also describes his personal experiences living and working in China.

Ryan McMunn Featured in U.S. News and World Report

» Why You Should Learn Another Language

Article describing the many benefits learning another language can have on your business career. CEO Ryan McMunn weighed in and gave his opinion on the matter, drawing on personal experience as well as a deep understanding of China.

» Top Chiefs Want You To Collaborate, Click In 2014

Investor’s Business Daily provides commentary from multiple executives as they describe ways to get ahead in today’s business environment. McMunn believes bilingual candidates can receive as much as a 10-15% salary increase from speaking a vital language to your position.

» Is being multilingual crucial for your next job?

Fox Business’ Lauren Simonetti interviews CEO Ryan McMunn on Career Accelerator and discusses the disparity between supply and demand when it comes to multilingual candidates in the US job market.

BRIC Language Systems in the New York Post          » Speaking 2 or more languages becoming essential skill

NY Post focuses on the large demand of bilingual and multilingual people in America. CEO Ryan McMunn weighs in to give his take.

The CEO Magazine Interviews Ryan McMunn

» Lost in Translation

CEO Magazine interviews BRIC Language Systems’ founder & CEO Ryan McMunn and discusses his personal experiences when first arriving in China. These life lessons spurred McMunn to learn Mandarin and eventually found BRIC Language Systems.

Everyday Health Talks to Ryan McMunn

» Bilingualism May Slow Alzheimer’s Progression

Research has shown that you can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by speaking more than one language. McMunn shares his beliefs and observations that support these findings.

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» Forward thinking global companies reaching strategic partnerships

Article discusses the economic and business partnerships that are on the rise between global companies and Chinese enterprises, such as BRIC Language Systems and Shanghai Normal University School of Business and Finance.

» Bullish on Mexico

Examiner describes the growing economy in Mexico and the implications of a strong Mexico, such as the need for more Spanish speakers in the USA.

» Busting the nationalized oil industry in Mexico for economic prosperity

With Mexico privatizing its oil industry, Mexico holds even more economic potential, and with that comes opportunities for US businesses. BRIC Language Systems is mentioned as a cultural training leader.

» Shanghai free trade zone a positive step towards Chinese economic prosperity

As the liberalization of the 11 square mile free trade zone brings new opportunities to China, media points to the fact that Mandarin speakers have a growing advantage as financial firms and trading companies realize greater freedoms to do business Shanghai.

» Learning multiple languages is imperative to career success for millennials

Examiner piece discussing the shift in skills that employers look for in the current applicant pool. As the economy has changed, millennials need to adapt to succeed.