BRIC CEO to speak on Flawed Foreign Language Training & Rosetta Stone

Yahoo Finance features BRIC Language CEO & Founder and highlights his speech at the ICT International Conference for Language Learning in Florence, Italy.
Ryan McMunn will explain why some companies like Rosetta Stone and Berlitz fail to teach foreign languages effectively, emphasizing that anyone can can be a language person.

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BRIC Language CEO to Give Hard Hitting Speech at ICT for Language Learning

ICT for Language Learning Preliminary Schedule Released: Rosetta Stone Not Present as Ryan McMunn Provides Real Solutions

NEW YORK, NY and FLORENCE, ITALY–(Marketwired – Oct 14, 2014) – “Public education and companies like Rosetta Stone have given foreign language education a bad name in America,” says Ryan McMunn, the Founder & CEO of BRIC Language Systems. Mr. McMunn is set to give what promises to be another captivating speech at the ICT for Language Learning in Florence, Italy. He will be speaking on Thursday, the 13th of November from 5:10pm to 5:35pm on his paper The Evolution From “Ignorant American” To “American Polyglot.” After two illuminating talks last month at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business Mr. McMunn is gaining traction on the speaking circuit just as BRIC is gaining traction against its larger rivals. His speech at the ICT is sure to stir debate.

Mr. McMunn will speak about the flawed public education system in the US and its failure in the realm of foreign language training. “Public schools failed not only me, but 75% of the population who have taken foreign language classes growing up but now don’t speak a second language.” Public schools utilize outdated and uninteresting material. Furthermore classes are taught by underperforming teachers who often speak these languages as a second language themselves. Fortunately Mr. McMunn didn’t give up and realized his dream of speaking Chinese, which resulted in the founding BRIC Language Systems. BRIC’s unique approach to language training is changing the way languages are taught, and its continued success is changing the minds of many who believed that “they are not language people.”

His talk will debunk the myth of the lazy American, proving that the desire is there. However the options available not only fail to teach languages effectively but also serve to discourage future attempts. According to McMunn, “After a failed attempt to learn a language using Rosetta Stone, many people believe that they are not language people.” The experience leaves them defeated and unwilling to try again. Mr. McMunn will make it clear that this simply isn’t the case, stating, “Anyone can be a language person when given the right tools.”

As an industry outsider, with a large and growing financial war chest, BRIC Language Systems is in the unique position to disrupt an industry that has flunked in the US. His talk at the ICT Conference will challenge the status quo. He also knows that despite being held in Italy he knows it will open some eyes in America. “This is just one more opportunity for us to get the word out. American Business, the US Government, and US citizens all recognize the need for better foreign language training. It’s a matter of getting them that training in a cost effective and professional manner and BRIC Language does just that.”

The speech, entitled The Evolution from “Ignorant American” to “American Polyglot” will also focus its sharp aim on startups concentrating solely on technology. According to McMunn “There needs to be a balance, students can’t learn without a teacher.” This is one point that he will speak to during his presentation. It is a blend of technology and tradition that will ultimately help the United States overcome its language deficit where only 18% of the population speaks a second language. This compares to 54% in Europe where bilingualism and multilingualism are the norm.

He also believes that this will be an eye opener for an overconfident Rosetta Stone, an underwhelming Pimsleur, and American educational systems with a public hungry for better language training services. “BRIC’s blend of technology and traditional learning is the wave of the future,” says Mr. McMunn. The conference will be a turning point for BRIC in its pursuit of giants Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, and Berlitz that have failed the American public so badly. BRIC Language offers free trials of Chinese and Portuguese, which have been the gateway for so many to learn these languages.

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