Breaking the Business Language Barrier

The language barrier can be a huge stumbling block for businesses today. However, being fluent in another language can help your business grow and offer more opportunities for you to network. So, learn a new language and break through those barriers to open up a new and improved path to success!

Translating Web Content

While it’s true that much of the content on the Internet today is in English, an increasing number of Internet users are hopping on board and they don’t speak your native language. How are you going to reach that customer base? You can add a different version of your website in another language so Google can rank you higher for searches. In terms of Internet users, China is #1, followed closely by the United States, Brazil, India, and Japan. Opening up this method of communicating within your clients’ first language will assist you in better engaging with your target market.

Not only can you reach those customers better, you can get a competitive advantage because you’re offering a website with various languages that not many other small businesses are doing. Plus, the cost of translation is relatively low compared with the increase in revenue potential.

Understanding the Culture

Accessing new markets will only take you so far. You may even know the technicalities of the language. But if you don’t familiarize yourself with the culture, you won’t connect on a personal level. It’s crucial to get the right message across in order to increase your brand recognition.

Know the Nuances of the Language

Be aware that in many countries, several languages and local dialects are spoken. Just because you know Cantonese doesn’t mean you know Mandarin Chinese, for example. South Africa has 11 languages, while Switzerland has four. Even Canada has two. Knowing the languages spoken in your target market is important in order to show respect and camaraderie.

Train Your Employees

If no one on your staff speaks the language of your clients, you could hire an interpreter to stand in for meetings and phone calls. However, this is a sterile approach that usually falls flat for both parties. Instead, consider offering group language classes from BRIC Language Systems that can boost your company in the eyes of the client. The ability to converse fluently with someone else, particularly in a business situation, can make for better flow and a more successful outcome. Not only will your employees develop a hard-working team approach within the company, they will also extend a warm welcome to your foreign clients that everyone will appreciate. Why spend money on an outside interpreter when you could take the organic, home-grown approach?