Brazilian Tongue Twisters

Who doesn’t like a great tongue twister? They’re a great way to compete against friends and if it’s in a language that you’re learning it can better your pronunciation.

Have you ever wondered what the Brazilian Portuguese version of She sells seashells down by the seashore was?

Try these 5x fast:

O peito do pé de Pedro é preto.
The chest of the foot of Pedro is black.
Debaixo da pia tem um pinto,
Enquanto a pia pinga, o pinto pia,
Quanto mais a pia pinga,
Mais o pinto pia.
Below the sink it has a chick,
While the sink drip, the pious chick,
The more the sink drips,
More the pious chick.
Três tigres tristes para três pratos de trigo.
Três pratos de trigo para três tigres tristes.
Three sad tigers for three plates of wheat.
Three plates of wheat for three sad tigers.
É crocogrilo? É crocodrilo?
É cocrodilo? É cocodilho?
É corcodilho? É crocrodilo?
É crocodilho? É corcrodilo?
É cocordilo? É jacaré?
Será que ninguém acerta
O nome do crocodilo maré?
Is he crocogrilo? Is he crocodrilo?
Is he cocrodilo? Is he cocodilho?
Is he corcodilho? Is he crocrodilo?
Is he crocodilho? Is he corcrodilo?
Is he cocordilo? Is he alligator?
It will be that nobody knows the right
name of the crocodile?
Tinha tanta tia tantã.
Tinha tanta anta antiga.
Tinha tanta anta que era tia.
Tinha tanta tia que era anta. 
As much had as much aunt.
It had as much old tapir.
It had as much tapir that she was aunt.
It had as much aunt that it was tapir.
Paga o pato, dorme o gato,
Foge o rato, paga o gato
Dorme o rato, foge o pato
Paga o rato, dorme o pato,
Foge o gato.
Pays the duck, the cat sleeps,
Flee the rat, the cat pays
Sleeps mouse, escapes the duck
Pays mouse, sleeping duck,
the cat flees.


They may be silly, but try reading it aloud and challenge yourself so you can make your pronunciation better! These are a great tool for to practice and learn from. Once you get good enough, challenge a friend!