What is Brazilian Independence Day

Brazilian Independence Day

Brazilian Independence Day or Sete de Setembro falls on the 7h day of September and honors the birthday of the nation of Brazil. On September 7, 1822 – Brazil claimed its independence from the hands of the Portuguese.

Brazil won its freedom from Portugal when Prince Pedro, son of Portugal’s king, stood near Brazil’s Ipiranga River and announced independence. He removed the Portuguese symbol from his uniform declaring, “By my blood, by my honor, and by God: I will make Brazil free.” Pedro then went on to become the Emperor of Brazil and forced the Portuguese forces to exit Brazil. 1889 brought an end to Brazil’s monarchy and created a republic, but they kept the 7th of September as their Independence Day.

In Brasilia (the capital) Independence is celebrated on the Ministries Esplande with a military parade in the presence of the Brazilian President. Many political leaders and figures will get together to discuss the history, laws, heritage, and recent events about the nation. This day gives workers the day off, except for some emergency service workers.

The celebration includes some outdoor events like picnics, parades, air shows, fireworks and barbecue. Locals will gather to attend the morning parades and the nighttime fireworks displays, while some prefer to go traveling, taking advantage of the long weekend and the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Brazilian Independence Day is a patriotic display to be seen. Learn Brazilian Portuguese and head to the country during the month of September to experience the fun first hand.

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