Brazil a top destination for business travel


Positive economic indicators continue to come out of Brazil. The Global Business Travel Association, also known as the GBTA has forecast double digit growth in business travel to Brazil which will slot them as the number six ranked destination for business travel, moving three slots fro the number nine position they held last year jumping over France, Italy, and South Korea. In 2013, business travel expenditures will increase 6.3% to $31.8 billion and the 2014 forecast has an even larger increase of 12.6% to $35.8 billion.


Business travel to and from Brazil will continue to benefit from the country’s growing economy, as Brazil continues to be a globally important market,” said Tad Fordyce, head of global commercial solutions at Visa Inc., which sponsored the GBTA study.


The emerging BRIC economies are proving to be a destination point for international business people for their pools of talent, resources, and business friendly economic policies. With so much growth potential coming from Brazil, labor should begin to adjust their skill sets to take advantage of these young vibrant businesses.


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