BRIC Language Systems Wins PrivCo’s Translation Services for Alibaba IPO

Bloomberg news featured BRIC Language Systems and accounted BRIC’s success in winning PrivCo’s translation services for the Alibaba IPO.

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BRIC Language Systems Wins PrivCo’s Translation Services for Alibaba IPO

BRIC Language Systems, the Premier Online Language Training Service, Recently Expanded Into the Translation Services Industry; BRIC Was Successful in Winning the Translation of IPO Research of the Alibaba IPO and All Upcoming China IPOs for PrivCo, the Global Leader in Financial Intelligence on Major, Non-Publicly Traded Companies

NEW YORK, NY and SHANGHAI, CHINA–(Marketwired – Apr 8, 2014) – BRIC Language Systems, shortly after entering the translation services industry, has been successful in securing a major account in PrivCo – Private Company Financial Intelligence founded by Sam Hamadeh. PrivCo has been cited thousands of times in international media for research done on IPO’s such as Twitter, Weibo, and Candy Crush. First up on the radar for PrivCo, is the IPO of Chinese technology giant Alibaba. BRIC Language Systems was chosen to provide Mandarin translation of PrivCo’s research on private China Internet giant Alibaba, a very important role considering the size of the Chinese company and its historic, record-breaking IPO planned this year in the U.S.

The first Alibaba Research Report in Chinese Mandarin can be found at:

PrivCo IPO Research on WEIBO’s Nasdaq IPO scheduled for this Spring will follow next week, also with expert financial translation in perfect business Chinese Mandarin by BRIC.

BRIC Language Systems Founder & CEO, Ryan McMunn, is quoted as saying that he “believes that PrivCo’s selection from multiple potential language partners is testament to [BRIC’s] superior quality and expertise. To have a well-respected organization like PrivCo select [BRIC] for such a colossal IPO illustrates our dedication to excellence, and commitment to confidentiality. We’re proud to be a trusted partner.” The content being translated includes highly technical financial terminology making translation difficult. The size of the IPO, and importance of PrivCo’s research on the company, mean that mistakes are not an option.

PrivCo Founder and CEO Sam Hamadeh said in a statement: “After a review of potential partners, PrivCo concluded that BRIC is by far the most capable and tech-savvy provider of business translation for the China market. BRIC brings in-depth knowledge of translating advanced business and financial terminology by having Chinese financial experts on staff. We are confident that BRIC is more than capable.”

PrivCo’s analysis of Alibaba Group Holding, will likely move markets and will be followed closely by the media and analysts alike in the run up to the IPO. PrivCo’s analysis of private companies is routinely featured in elite business media for their in depth and accurate analysis. PrivCo Founder Sam Hamadeh, serial entrepreneur and corporate attorney, is also an expert on the research of privately held Chinese companies, which are often hard to gauge due to their secretive nature. This makes PrivCo the leading source for information on IPO’s of Chinese companies including Weibo earlier this year, another massive Chinese tech company.

The Alibaba IPO is being heralded as potentially the largest initial public offering ever in the technology industry, inclusive of Facebook’s 2012 $16 billion offering. The size of Alibaba is overwhelming; its ecommerce websites alone account for more sales than rivals eBay and Amazon combined. That however, is not all Alibaba does. Alibaba is also the world largest business-to-business trading platform, China’s largest consumer-to-consumer platform, they run a pay system similar to PayPal, have a cloud computing service platform, a messaging app and the list goes on from there. The fact that Founder & CEO Jack Ma started his career as an English professor makes it all the more incredible. The listing will take place in New York later this year, as of this release date no date had been set for the IPO.

As Alibaba prepares to list, look for PrivCo and its analysis of the technology giant to be cited thoroughly. This is a great opportunity to better evaluate BRIC Language Systems’ translation services quality as the company that will be translating the PrivCo research documents for the Alibaba IPO. This is a big test for yet another fast growing NYC based language training tech firm.

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