BlendTech Corporate Courses

When working in China or traveling there on business, learning Mandarin and being culturally competent are critical to your success. Fluency could be the game changer your business in China needs.

Led by China’s finest teachers, BlendTech combines BRIC’s teacher-led online classrooms with the digital resources of ChinesePod’s entertaining and practical lessons. These programs blend the best aspects of online classes with today’s technology for language training.

Customized Corporate Packages

We don’t believe “one size fits all” so we customize courses within our framework to best fit individual learning methods and business needs. By offering downloadable material with WeChat and WhatsApp lessons for employees-on-the-go, along with customized corporate packages and flexibility in programming, BlendTech delivers a great ROI.

We have built custom packages for many of the world’s largest companies. We can tailor BlendTech courses to include customized videos, industry content, exercises, tests and monthly reporting so that you and your expat staff always have the upper hand.

Don’t wind up in the negotiating room with a Chinese company where they speak English, but you don’t speak Chinese.

Do business like a local with BlendTech!

Custom Corporate Packages

At BRIC we offer customized programs for business of all kinds and varying needs. Contact us today to receive customized pricing and options that fit your exact business needs.