BlendTech Chinese Courses

BRIC has partnered with ChinesePod, an easy to use system with over 4,000 entertaining and practical audio & video lessons that make learning the Mandarin language fun. Together we have developed combined programs, known as BlendTech Accelerated Learning.

These programs merge BRIC’s live online classes and comprehensive and customized language learning solutions with ChinesePod’s quick and easy audio/video lessons. Add in interactive online content, exercises, quizzes, tests, and more and you have the perfect formula for learning Chinese and reaping the rewards.


Corporate Packages

  • Native teachers living in China
  • Customized courses for every company
  • Business Cultural training
  • 4,000+ video lessons
  • Online exercises, quizzes, and tests
  • Featuring real businesses
Corporate Solutions


Personal Packages

  • Lessons conducted by a real teacher living in China
  • Access to over 4,000 video lessons
  • Customized lesson plans to fit your needs & interests
  • Cultural training
  • Online tests, quizzes and exercises
  • Featuring real places, pubs, and restaurants
Personal Solutions