Best Way to Learn a New Language

When learning a new language there are many avenues you can take to gain that education. Everywhere you look there are different methods and conflicting advice on how to learn a new language. Maybe you feel like you’ve tried them all and just can’t figure out what the best way for you to learn would be. Which poses the question, what is the best way to learn a language?

You probably remember taking a foreign language in school at some point or another. Maybe you did well, maybe you didn’t. If you didn’t, it probably wasn’t your fault. The problem isn’t that learning a language is too difficult or you’re just bad at it. You learned one language, you can learn another. The problem is that it’s not taught in a way that is most easily absorbed. Learning in a classroom with the expectation to speak in a language you aren’t confident in isn’t conducive to creating strong skills.

Think about how you learned your first language. It may be hard to remember, you were very young. As babies, humans learn their first language through immersion, listening, and mimicking every single day. There weren’t study sessions or grades or tests, just constant immersion into the language itself. It’s no surprise we learned the language so well.

Unfortunately, time is a factor, and we don’t have the luxury to learn as babies do. However, the advantage adults have is the ability to learn even faster. The best way is still through immersion, listening, and mimicking. You want to learn a few bits of vocabulary and then get to conversing. With BRIC, we get you started with communication from the beginning. Our online language courses with actual teachers who are based out of the country whose language you’re trying to learn are based on speaking and doing so that you get to start having fun from the beginning. And when you’re having fun you don’t want to quit, and when you don’t quit, you become a master of the new language.

Once you’ve spent time taking our online courses, we take it a step further with our internship and immersion programs. You’re seeing that word immersion again. We mentioned that was the reason that you learned so well as a child. Furthering your language education comes with even further immersion into that language. Who best to learn from than the people who speak it on a daily basis? Between these two options, you’ll be speaking another language in no time. Not only speaking it, but speaking it well and better than your comrades!

Learning to speak another language is a pinnacle in the business world and it can really set you apart from the competition. Take it a step further by learning it fast, and better with BRIC.