Where is the Best Place to Study Abroad?

Students often choose to augment their foreign language studies by attending school in another country. According to NAFSA, the number of U.S. students studying abroad during the 2015/2016 year increased nearly four percent, from 313,000 to 325,000 students. Let’s go over where to study abroad as a college student, as well as what makes the most sense for traveling, affordability, schooling options and internship options.


Italy is known for its amazing food, sultry language, beautiful art, and rich history, which makes it one of the most sought after destinations for students. The study abroad programs blend cultural studies and courses in majors ranging from business to the fine arts. Best part is, you don’t need much Italian language study under your belt to take part, plus the sweeping landscapes and historical sites make it easy to mingle with the natives and learn the language more readily.


With its myriad festivals, siestas and flamenco dancers, Spain has lots to do for students looking to be immersed in the culture. There are serene hikes, white sandy beaches and lots of jamón serrano, a delicious type of cured ham. Thousands of students take part in study abroad programs in Spain, taking classes in international business and European studies, to name a few. The programs are particularly diverse here, with housing and classroom conditions that are amenable to a wide range of students.


England’s sweeping vistas, beautiful cities, historical attractions and gorgeous castles make it a favorite for U.S. students. The immersion here isn’t quite as shocking as other countries, so the cultural differences won’t be as dramatic. Ideal for any student who has never traveled out of the country, it’s easy to communicate here because English is spoken in all places. Study abroad programs happen to be very expensive compared with others, though, especially in London.


The dizzying city lights, the romance of Paris, the sparkling French Riviera…there are countless reasons to love studying in France. Programs are available in diverse locales ranging from Avignon to Paris, with a variety of challenging program options in both French or English. Some prior study of the French language is required in any instance. Internship opportunities are especially bountiful here.


Whether you choose to study in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, you will be immersed in a competitive advantage that is unparalleled elsewhere. The programs are rigorous and tough, but you’ll learn at a fast paced while taking in famous sites such as the Great Wall or Terracotta Warriors. Language experience in Mandarin, in particular, gives students a competitive advantage once in the work force. Plus, students will be immersed in schooling and internships that show them in no uncertain terms just how the global market works. Culture shock is high here, thanks to a dramatically different cultural perspective and language rift.

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