Best Language Learning Software

Choosing the right language learning software for your needs will take a bit of research. There are many software programs out there that claim to help you learn a language quickly. But it’s important to choose one that’s appropriate for your language education level, age, desired language and more. You also have to take into account many factors, such as whether you want to learn one-on-one, virtually in a group or within a classroom. Some programs offer all of these, while others focus on one.

You also need to think about the purpose you will use the language for. Do you want to master the language’s core grammar because you’ll be moving to that country? Or do you just want to pick up some essential phrases for an upcoming vacation? What’s your price range? How much do you want to devote to language learning?

Once you have thought about all those factors, we are confident you will narrow down your choices to BRIC Language Systems. Featuring one-on-one lessons by a native speaker and flexibility of classes, BRIC represents one of the best choices when it comes to learning Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish.

BRIC’s online, face-to-face, modern language learning training courses are perfect for both personal and business use. The one-on-one component of this program is what sets it apart. No matter which language you want to learn, you can learn from a teacher living in that native country.

With BRIC’s customized and fully interactive online language learning classes, you can quickly adapt to a learning style that has been proven to be more effective than classroom and book based learning. According to Forbes, as a nation we still don’t teach language effectively, with almost every introductory language class revolving around grammatical concepts and the rules of language. As a result, students have to sit through grammar-focused instruction that makes them pretty good at verb conjugation but terrible when thrown into a real conversation with a native speaker.

Studies have shown that students are more apt to pick up a language when they get out of a classroom and immerse themselves into the culture where they can speak the language with natives. Thus, the best way to learn language is through frequent exposure to its sound patterns and every-day usage.

Benefits of BRIC

• Interactive: connect and learn from anywhere
• One-on-one: Private, 30-minute sessions with a native BRIC language teacher
• White boards: Exclusive BRIC Language Systems interactive online content
• Individual and group lessons
• Cultural training
• High teaching quality
• Personal attention
• Affordable
• Flexible schedules
• Full interactivity
• Customized to the student
• Modern content

Ready to start learning the right way? Sign up for your free trial with BRIC Language Systems today.