Benefits of Offering Language Learning to Your Employees

From recruiting better employees to retaining skilled employees, there are many benefits that come with offering language learning to your workers. Not only does it help them, it helps you as a company in your dealings with international partners. Here are the top benefits:

Better customer service: Servicing your clients in a language they are comfortable with will go a long way towards securing trust. When a client trusts you, they stick with you. Ensuring your employees know the language of the country in which you’re doing business means you can offer a consistent, positive experience for your clients – one that they can come to expect.

Quicker response times: Delivering fast, efficient service is the cornerstone to any business. From interpreting and analyzing a complex report in a foreign language to answering a customer’s question on the spot, being confident and comfortable in delivering a quick response is key in today’s competitive market.

Increased self-confidence: When an employee can learn a second language at work, this can empower them to want to do better and overcome challenges. This is because the whole process takes a lot of courage and sacrifice, leading to personal breakthroughs that translate to more confidence in the work place.

More cultural awareness: Learning a new language isn’t just about the technicalities of conjugations. It’s about so much more than that: discovering a whole new culture that goes along with it. Your client will get peace of mind knowing they’re dealing with a company whose employees understand their culture and way of doing things.

Better internal communication: External communication with clients is all well and good, but it’s the internal communication that will help you keep a cohesive staff working towards a common goal. Studies show that employees who are comfortable communicating in a second language play a key part in the collaboration process.

Better pool of employees: When you can offer language learning for your staff to better communicate with clients, you can also choose from a higher caliber of candidates to work for you in the first place. Those who already speak the language and want to know more can benefit from this, and those who are coming into the game with no knowledge of the language will benefit from a whole new skill set.

Ability to retain key employees: In addition to recruiting better employees, you can retain the knowledgeable ones you already have because you have invested so much in them. Enjoy lower turnover rates and more loyalty among the employees to which you have offered language learning. They are more invested in your company for having gone through this life-changing training, and are more apt to stay with you as you grow into the future.

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