The Benefits of Offering Group Language Classes to Your Employees

Having bilingual employees can benefit your business in a number of ways. Not only will this teach them a valuable new skill, it will help bring them all together for ice breaking and skill building exercises. Here’s why offering the option to your team is actually a smart decision for you as a business owner.

Enhancing Engagement with Your Company

By offering group language classes to your employees, you’re doing your part to enhance their engagement with your company, building loyalty to your brand at the same time. In addition, you’re also giving them the tools they need to promote your company’s products and services in other countries globally. Creating competitive advantages in new markets will help you expand your network and reach, as well as strengthen your workforce and potential hires.

Ensuring Customer Retention

The ability to communicate with existing and potential clients across the language barrier is invaluable in attracting and then keeping those clients. From customer support to marketing strategies, you can use group language classes to help your employees present new business opportunities to you that you otherwise wouldn’t have had, boost sales, and increase existing customer retention. Your international clients will be impressed that your employees know their language and will develop an immediate rapport with them, which puts you in a good light as well.

Enhancing Employee Retention

Not only does group language learning encourage customer retention, it encourages employee retention as well. Your employees are gaining a new skill collaborating with their peers, putting them on a level playing field. Group language courses have the additional advantage of helping with team building, which in turn boosts internal communication levels, productivity, and overall morale. As you know, happy employees equal a happy company!

Additional Benefits

Check out these additional benefits to instituting group language lessons at your place of work. Group language training can:

  • Encourage creativity in the work force.
  • Enhance employee understanding of foreign culture and business practices.
  • Build employees’ use of their native English language by making them aware of sentence construction and grammatical rules.
  • Boost employee confidence in their business dealings with foreign clients.
  • Give your employees the tools they need to confidently negotiate on your behalf.
  • Build long-lasting relationships with overseas clients.
  • Ensure competitive advantage over other similar businesses.
  • Help your employees learn not just the language, but the culture and customs of your overseas clients.

Here at BRIC Language Systems, we know the value of group language classes and how they can boost the productivity, morale and effectiveness of your team. Get in touch with us today to learn about our innovative online courses that can help put your company one step ahead of the others.