Benefits of Learning Brazilian Portuguese

Learning Brazilian Portuguese comes with many advantages, from increased communication abilities to a deeper knowledge of the customs and culture. You can use it to your advantage both personally and professionally.

It’s Easier to Learn Spanish

Once you know Portuguese, it’s very easy to pick up Spanish, as the two languages are very similar – so much so that they share a nearly 90 percent lexical similarity. Compare that to the English language, which has a 60 percent lexical similarity to German and 27 percent to French. Not only do Spanish and Portuguese have similar grammar systems, they both use two genders, four definite articles, similar verb tenses and similar word orders.

It’s Spoken Globally

From Europe and Brazil to Africa and Asia, Portuguese is spoken in many countries. That means if you decide to travel to any of them or live abroad while studying or working, you will fit right in. The globalization of Portuguese occurred thanks to the colonization of the Portuguese Empire.

Many Resources

Portuguese learners have many resources at their disposal when it comes to learning this foreign language. This language has one of the highest availabilities of online resources, courses, tools and apps for learning.

Economic Edge

By learning Portuguese, you can get ahead in the business world because your knowledge puts you in a greater position for professional growth. You will have more job opportunities abroad or more responsibilities with foreign clients when you know their language, as opposed to someone who only knows English. More opportunities in the marketplace: this is a top professional advantage of knowing Portuguese.

With the economic rise of Brazil on the horizon, it behooves you to learn this language so you can seamlessly communicate with others in this largest Portuguese speaking nation in the world. Plus, as the sixth most spoken language in the world, knowing the language puts you at a professional as well as personal advantage as you’re better able to communicate on all levels.

Because there are fewer Portuguese speakers than, say, Spanish, you can increase your earning potential with employers and prospective employers. There’s less competition among applicants, boosting your chances of securing a coveted job. It always looks good on a resume to know a second, or third or fourth, language!

Visiting and Living in Brazil

With knowledge of the language comes the opportunity to vacation or live in Brazil. You can make new friends more easily as well as interact with colleagues seamlessly. Being immersed in the culture will also put your learning into hyper-drive as you are around native speakers all day, every day.

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