A Few Golden & Practical Rules to Learn a Language Faster

Are you trying to learn a second language? Don’t worry if you are behind the schedule, because we’ve got you covered!

Language learning is something that should be taken seriously, and yet you should also not drown in overwhelming fear. If you are learning a new language to apply for a job or to submit a college application, you should know that there are ways that can accelerate your language learning process. Keep on reading and find out some golden rules to learning a language fast.

 Know What You Want

Before you start to learn a new language, you have to have a clear idea about what you want. Are you learning a new language because you see it as a means of furthering your career? Or are you learning it because it is your passion? Once you have figured out the answer, it will help you form a plan.

Some people want to teach a language in a foreign country, and that pushes them to perfect their speaking skills. For example, if you’re going to teach English in a foreign country (let’s say Vietnam), then you will need to get certified. Have a peek at this site to find out more about the teaching experience in a foreign land.

 Make a Plan

Instead of thinking that you need to learn this language by nine months, form a proper plan. Do not move from point A to point D because you won’t be able to. Before you get to point D, you will have to cross point B and C. A step by step plan will help you move easily and quickly!

 Find a Native Speaker

Now that you have learned some basics and can speak some phrases, you need to find a native who can talk to you in that language. If you are not living in a foreign country, don’t let that fact stop you from speaking in the target language. You can always find any other native speaker from the comfort of your home.

Some people offer their services to language learners. They allow you to have a conversation with them in L2, and that will make you a better speaker. In addition to that, they can always point out your mistakes if you make any.

 Keep Practicing

Learning the vocabulary and grammar rules on your own is not going to be enough. You will make a significant mistake if you focus only on your learning sessions and forget about them during your free time. Don’t see language learning as a burden. Take it as something that has become your full-time job. It is unlike any other learning process, and that is why it needs to be revised every day.

Before you sleep, revise your day’s lessons and listen to some songs or podcasts in the native language. That will help your subconscious take in extra words and phrases.

We hope these rules will help you learn the target language faster! Good Luck!

Marcel Schreyer is a French national, a student of English Languages, in his final year at Stanford University. He is exceptionally passionate about writing his thoughts in words. He takes up writing projects in his leisure time to accompany his studies. He is multi-lingual and enjoys every bit of learning and teaching languages. He regularly writes his blogs at https://jimmyesl.com/blog/.