A Day With Kathy Ireland

The day in November when I received a call from Kathy Ireland’s producer I was blown away. I’ve been a huge fan of Kathy Ireland the supermodel, the actress, the supermogul. To get a call from her television producer was a thrill.  I was interviewed by her in late January at the NBC Universal | E!News Studios in LA.  I will appear on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland this spring.  It was amazing working with her and the whole team at Worldwide Business.

The Green Room

When I was called into the “green room,” my nerves spiked, I knew it was almost game time. It was here that I would wear makeup for the first time in my life. I was nervous going in but it turns out that there is nothing funnier, and more calming, than watching makeup being applied to a man. Except when that man is yourself.  There are few times in my life where I’ve been more awkward than sitting in that chair having eyeliner and blush applied.  Laughing at how weird I looked brought the adrenaline and the nerves right back down. After that it was simply wait and hope I was prepared.

The Entrance

We were originally told that we would be called into the studio when everything was ready. Then bam! There she was, camera crew in tow, bright lights shining it was go time. This was one of the few times when I’ve been as awkward as getting made up. As I stammered out “Hey, eh, Kathy, ahhh, nice to umm meet you,” she calmly and casually pretended I was acting completely normal. She was the consummate professional and despite my fumbling and mumbling she put everyone at ease.

The Interview

Kathy is an impressive businessperson, able to understand different businesses, new technologies, and people all very quickly.  She knows how to ask the right question, at the right time. I can’t give any details on the interview until it airs, but she has a knack for getting to the point quickly and has an amazing stage presence. I believe the interview went well, you be the judge when it goes to air. We’ll have polls up on this blog.

The Lingering Question

Did she actually kick that ball in Necessary Roughness???