7 Reasons to Learn Mandarin Chinese

Learning a new language is exciting and stressful all at the same time. When paired with the right learning system, though, you are sure to take each challenge in stride. Choosing which language to learn in the first place will depend on many factors, from your background and skill to your future home and job.

We think Mandarin Chinese is a pretty great language to learn. Here’s why.

1. Chinese is the Most Widely Spoken

About 1.2 billion people speak some form of Chinese, making it the most widely spoken language on the planet. About 873,000 million of those speak Mandarin, translating to 14 percent of the global population speaking the language.

2. Many Countries Speak It

Mandarin isn’t just spoken in China as a first language. It’s also spoken in Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Mongolia.

3. You Can Learn About the Culture

If culture and history have always fascinated you, you will enjoy learning all about Chinese history and culture as part of your studies. As one of the oldest and interesting in the world, China’s history has been the inspiration for countless novels, films, short stories and poems.

4. Make Friends with Varying Cultures

China has the biggest population in the world – home to 1.3 billion people – which means you will get access to a larger group of people, communicate in varied ways according to their culture, and connect on a deep level.

5. Make Business Contacts

If you’re learning Chinese to excel in business, you’re on the right track. Making business contacts in China can only help propel your career and give you an advantage over others.

6. Improve Your Artistic Skills

A steady hand and a lot of patience is required to master Chinese symbols and characters. In fact, each written word is actually an iconographic character, with symbols created with strokes, not unlike painting.

7. Boost Your Brain Power

Studies reveal that Mandarin speakers use both the left and right sides of their brains. By studying and memorizing a new language, you’re using brain power. The more you think and solve problems, the better brain power you’ll have.

8. Eat Tasty Food

When you learn Chinese, of course you have to sample every part of the culture – and a big part of that is food! You’ll taste dishes you’ve never tasted before, opening yourself up to a whole new culinary world of discovery. Enjoy varied Chinese cuisine that goes far beyond the fast food takeout you’re used to in America.

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