5 Ways to Immerse Yourself in the Language

From reading books and magazines to watching local TV shows and movies, there are many ways to better learn a new language. Whether your desired language is Spanish, Portuguese, or Mandarin Chinese, there are so many more ways to learn language than in a classroom setting. Check out these five ways to best immerse yourself in your chosen language.

  1. Listen to music in a foreign language. Find a Spanish station on the radio, for example, and listen to it in the car or while cleaning the house. As you learn the nuances of the language online, you can couple that knowledge and put it to the test by listening to the radio. From music to talk radio, you can learn a lot about the language, to be sure, but also the slang, inflection and local dialects used.
  2. Watch foreign language channels and read books. We’ve all come across that one Spanish station while flipping through the channels on TV. Why not stop and watch for awhile? There are soaps, game shows, talk shows, news shows, movies and sitcoms to take in. Watch the body language and see how people interact and communicate.
  3. Read books and magazines. While TV shows may seem a bit too fast for you to comprehend, with books, you can take your time and go back to re-read things you don’t understand. Seeing a foreign language in the written word is key to grasping the basics. Use a highlighter while reading to outline passages you like or need to go back to later. Look up words you don’t know and write the meanings in the margins. Carry your book with you when on the go so you can catch up on a few pages while on the subway, in line at the grocery store or while waiting for the kids to get home from school.
  4. Head to local areas of culture. Every major city has an area where natives can gather and feel like they’re at home. Chinatown is one such example, where locals can feel comfortable conversing in their language, eating their native food, seeing local films and much more. Spend a day there making friends, chatting with locals, eating the food, and learning about the culture. Immersion is a great way to learn the language, coupled with your technical education.
  5. Go virtual. You likely surf English websites and have an English Twitter page, but why not follow someone online in Portuguese or another language? These quick bits of information are perfect for grasping the nuances of the language in daily life.

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