5 Ways to Honor International Women’s Day

Today (March 8), we celebrate International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political successes of women all around the world. For over a century, this day has been celebrated to help bridge the gap between genders around the world.  The first celebration was celebrated by over a million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. There are many ways to show your support for the event, here are some ideas on how to recognize the women in your life.

Wear Purple

One of the easiest and simplest ways to show your support is to wear the color purple. Purple was a color adopted by the suffragettes which has since related it to the International Women’s Day campaign. Pull out the purple to show your support.


Get involved in any organization dedicated to women’s issues. Donate to a charity, or offer to dedicate your support through your time. Find a cause that matters to you, from the prevention of violence against women to the economic independence of women, help where you can! Not sure where to get started, here is a list of some organizations that help support women’s rights around the world.

Get Involved

Participate in an International Women’s Day event. In honor of the day, there will be many local events going on in support, make an effort to get involved and participate! Events are held all around the world and run by women’s networks, corporations, charities and so much more to help #PressforPRogress. Visit the campaign’s official website to find a location near you and you could enjoy a networking event, festivals, and tech conferences.

Support the Success of Women

Bask in the accomplished work of women. Take time to visit a local museum and see work and art done by women. Or enjoy the written work of women authors by buying a book by a female author. Another way to contribute is to shop from women-owned businesses or whose sales contribute to supporting women who have escaped extraordinary circumstances.

Get Talking

Start a conversation. International Women’s Day gives you the perfect platform to open up the dialogue on gender equality. Whether you decide to discuss the matter with friends over lunch, or family at dinner, or colleagues in the workplace – feel free to ask people their thoughts and feelings on gender parity and equality.

Take to social media to show your #PressforProgress support as this year’s campaign theme takes social media by storm. Share images of your commitment to gender parity.

Whether you’re a woman celebrating or someone showing support, there are many ways to make today count. How will you be honoring International Women’s Day this year?