5 Things to Know Before Going to the Summer Olympics


This year’s Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil from August 5 through August 21. Planning on going? In order to fit in and make a seamless transition, you’ll need to learn the language – at least the basics – and learn about the cultures and customs there. Whether you’re going as a student or as an employee, here are some tips to blending in Rio.

  1. Know where you’re going. By the time the games roll around, Brazil will have spent about $1 billion in transportation infrastructure to handle the vast amounts of visitors, tourists, residents and athletes that will descend on the city. Check out this transportation map to schedule your routes beforehand. Events will be held in four areas: Barra (Olympic Village will be located here), Deodoro, Copacabana beach and Maracana.
  2. Buy your tickets in advance. Of the 7.5 million tickets available, 3.8 million of those will be $30 or less, according to 12 News in Arizona. You can learn about where to buy tickets here! You’ll find tickets for all 28 sports as well as both the opening and closing ceremonies. There’s a range of ticket prices, with the lowest costing just $20 and the highest, such as swimming, go for $100 up to $350.
  3. Get your visa. If you don’t already have a passport and visa, get one now. You’ll need one to get into the country. You can acquire a visa at the Brazilian embassy or consulate. You can apply for a passport at your local post office. Apply for both of these well in advance because the process can take a couple of months and you don’t want to miss the boat.
  4. Plan on drinking lots of bottled water while in Rio. The city’s water system is well known for being polluted; in fact, many are worried the tourists and athletes will get sick due to the human waste contamination found in the city’s water supply. Do yourself a favor and drink only water that comes from a bottle. Have a bottle of water by your sink, too, so you can swish with it while brushing your teeth.
  5. Learn the local language. Portuguese is the most widely spoken language in Brazil, and Spanish is a close second. If you start now using Bric Language Systems, you could well be fluent in these languages before the August games – or at least, know enough to get around and communicate quite well. Going to a foreign country is daunting on a good day. Not knowing the language can be even more terrifying. Break down those language barriers and learn Brazilian Portuguese now! This is an invaluable skill that will serve you well past the Summer Olympics — especially if you are a student or business person.