5 Things That Forever Change Once You’ve Lived Abroad

There are many benefits of living abroad, from making new friends to learning a new language and culture to experiencing better job opportunities. In a good way, your life will change forever, whether you’re staying in your destination country for a month, six months, a year or several.

Let’s discuss how living abroad shapes and changes you for the better.

1. Home Is Where Your Heart Is

When moving abroad, you will suddenly become a part of a special club: someone who has two addresses to call home, knows two languages, and has two separate lives, really. Your old and new home will coexist in a symbiotic relationship that may blur memories over time but that won’t ever fade. Your parents will probably always still get your mail. You’ll still have somewhere to go back to but your new home is where you’re setting down the next set of roots.

2. Care Packages Mean the World

Never again will you take for granted a letter, package or gift box from a special friend or family member from back home. Nothing says home like a box of treats from mom. You can practically smell her kitchen and feel the love she put into those cookies.

3. Goodbyes (sort of) get easier

No one likes goodbyes but they do get a bit easier the more you do them. In the back of your mind, you know you can go back home, people can visit, and you will see your loved ones again. It may not be for another month or another year, but the promise of the next visit will keep you going.

4. Friendships Intensify

Moving away puts a strain on friendships, no doubt. But this will help you realize who is truly a friend and who was just along for the ride. Those who strive to stay in touch – or even better, come visit you with their last vacation days – are keepers. Not only that, you become much closer than you ever had before.

5. Quality Over Quantity

You know the look of utter disappointment you’ll see on dad’s face or your best friend’s face when you tell them you can’t make it home for Christmas because you can’t get the time off work or that the plane ticket is too expensive right now. Guilt will always be there. Because of the sheer distance between you, you simply can’t make every holiday, every event, every milestone. Get use to the guilt because it will always be there. When you do visit, make it count and focus on quality rather than quantity.

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