5 Surprising Creative Benefits of Essay Writing Not Every Student Knows About

A word is a condensed thought. Writing is all about putting thoughts on paper. Using this definition, we can all call ourselves writers. However, not everyone is a great writer. Great writers are rare to find. And if you manage to find them, you’ll have to pay the price. As the saying goes, you get what you invest.

Even though everyone can write, the majority of students struggle when it comes to essay writing. Some of them do it to get done with it while others wait until the eleventh hour to start writing. Most of them usually get bad grades because essays carry a lot of marks. Submitting your paper without revising and editing is among the top reasons why students fail.

Essay writing might not be fun for most students. However, it has several benefits. Today, we are going to discuss the five surprising benefits that you didn’t know about essay writing. Let’s get started!

Enhances focus

Today, our world is full of distractions. Two decades ago, the only distractions were a knock on the door or a ringing telephone. Today, people are distracted by almost everything – mobile phones, computer notifications, emails, and television to name a few.

According to college papers, the majority of adults including students use the objects of distractions to work or study such as computers and mobile phones. Distractions are costing businesses and people a lot of time and money.

The person who can focus on one thing until its completion in a world full of distractions will always be a step ahead of the crowd. Essay writing enhances your focus in the long run. To complete your essay on time and get good grades, you’ll have to stay focused.

Unleashes creativity

As we said earlier, words are condensed thoughts. The more you think, the more words you come up with. Since essay writing puts most parts of your mind to work, you become creative. The mind can be likened to muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

Most students will agree that essay writing is not the easiest thing to do in the world. However, the most challenging activities or tasks are usually the most rewarding. The world needs creative thinkers to solve tough problems. And this is what essay writing is preparing you to do.

Improves learning

As assignment help reports, essay writing makes it easier for you to understand concepts. How? To write a good essay, you’ll have to come up with a good topic and do your research extensively. Apart from that, you’ll have to present your findings in an organized and persuasive way.

The more essays you write, the more you learn. You can only grow by learning new things regularly. You’ll not only learn from books but also from observation especially if you’re required to go to the field to do your research.

Improves your discipline

To complete your essay successfully on time, you’ll have to show it to work every day. Effective students usually create a study schedule or timetable before writing their essays. Next, they break down the essay into small manageable chunks. And they work on those chunks every single day with their study schedules acting as their guides.

According to the essay writer, discipline is defined as doing what you have to do whether you like it or not. Everyone can work on a task when they feel like it. However, only disciplined people will show up when others are having fun. You cannot succeed in anything unless you are self-disciplined. And it starts with small things such as completing your assignments on time, saving money while in college and keeping your word.

Time management

To get good grades in college, you’ll have to submit your assignments on time. Effective students usually get to work as early as possible to get enough time to review, edit and proofread their work. On the other hand, ineffective students wait until the eleventh hour to start working on their assignments. Since they tend to submit the first draft, they usually get poor grades.

According to assignment help, how you manage your time determines how well you’ll perform not only in school but in every aspect of life. Time is a precious commodity. Unlike other assets, it can never be recovered. Time management is all about prioritizing activities or tasks. You should never work on a less important task when you haven’t completed a very important task.

Writing a Great Essay

Now that you know the five creative benefits of essay writing, it’s important to know how to write a good essay. As you’ll see, writing a good essay is not as difficult as it seems.

Choose your topic

If your professor hasn’t chosen a topic for you, it’s up to you to come up with a great topic. A great topic should not be too broad or narrow. A broad topic will make it harder for you to cover all the critical points related to your topic.

On the other hand, a narrow topic will make it harder for you to research and get enough content. Also, you should choose a topic that you are passionate about. You cannot excel in something you don’t love.

Create an outline

An outline acts as a map that guides you during the writing process. It helps you know which points should be covered in your essay. Plus, it makes it easier for you to break down your essay into manageable chunks.

Do your research

You can use books, articles, and journals from the school library to do your research. If you can’t access the library, the internet is here for you. When doing your research, always use reliable and reputable sources of information to avoid wasting time and money. Take notes to avoid missing or forgetting important points.

Start writing

If you’ll follow the steps that we’ve discussed, writing will not be challenging. All essays are made up of three sections – the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should be clear and persuasive to capture your reader’s attention. The body should contain all the theories, concepts and findings. And the conclusion should summarize the entire essay.

Proofread your work

You should never submit your first draft. The first draft normally has lots of spelling and grammatical errors. To get enough time to proofread your essay, you have to start working on it as early as you can. If you can’t proofread your work, consider handing it over to your friend or supervisor.


Essay writing has a lot of benefits that we can’t ignore. Since they carry a lot of marks, it’s important to take them seriously by following the steps that we’ve discussed. Remember, essay writing is a craft. The more you do it, the better you’ll perform.

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