5 Fun and Educational Learning Games for Kids and Adults

Both adults and children spend a lot of time with gadgets, and this is becoming a worldwide model of behavior. But why not spend time with your child in a more fun way and get real benefits?

Let’s consider playing educational games that are suitable not only for children but also for adults. These educational learning games don’t look like boring skill development exercises but look like common fun games. Without a doubt, they will become a favorite pastime for your children.

Top 5 Educational Games for Kids at Home

Below you will find the top 5 games for learning that will bring positive emotions and allow your children to develop vital skills despite the kids’ age. But before we start to consider games, let’s talk about the important points when learning for fun with children:

  • Involve as many family members as possible in the games to make educational games real fun for your child.
  • Eliminate all distractions, extraneous sounds, cartoons.
  • Pay attention to the child’s activeness level. If you see that the kid is bored or tired, it is better to stop the game and continue it later.
  • Be patient and remember that these are games, not lessons at school.
  • Offer to play these games regularly, but don’t put pressure on the child. Always remember that these are just games.
  • Ventilate the area before playing games to ensure there is sufficient oxygen in the room. This will only positively affect the child’s ability to educate and be active.

So, here are the games you may start playing with your kids already today.

  1. What Does It Look Like?

This game originated from the famous Rorschach ink test, but the purpose of this game is not to test a child. The aim of this game is to:

  • Develop a healthy psyche of a child.
  • Develop flexibility of thinking in a child.
  • Develop the skill of multitasking.

All you need to play is ink and blank sheets of paper. Place a drop of paint/ink on a piece of paper and fold it in half to form an interesting blot. Now open the sheet and start the game. Now you need to find and name at least 5 objects/creatures in this blot.

A key feature of this game is to encourage the child to fantasize in different directions to see and recognize as many different objects as your kid can. This approach will make the child’s psyche healthy. By the way, in the future, when passing such a test in employment or other conditions, your child will not have fear, and the results will be healthy.

  1. Deep Breathing

This game is an excellent recitative trainer for both children and adults. Having beautiful words in vocabulary is not enough for your child to become a good speaker. But the game described below will improve your child’s speech while still having a lot of fun.

Build a labyrinth on the table using a construction kit or other materials. Make balls of cotton so that they move easily over the surface when the air blows. The essence of the game lies in the fact that with the help of breathing you need to lead this ball of cotton wool through the entire labyrinth.

Agree, this game is very funny, regardless of the age of your child. But as already mentioned above, this is much more than just entertainment, but a real simulator for the speech apparatus that will only benefit in the context of your child’s development.

  1. Scrabble

“This classic game is suitable for both adults and children. Sometimes we devote whole evenings to playing Scrabble because it’s a classic.”- says the Pick The Writer online writing reviews team.

There is no doubt that everyone agrees that this game is a true classic and is suitable for the whole family. How will this game benefit the child?

  • Development of creative thinking.
  • Development of logical thinking.
  • Replenishment of vocabulary.

Most likely you know the rules of the game and we will not dwell on this. But if you want this game to be really useful for the child, then you can allow him to use the dictionary to find words. This will help your child learn to use the dictionary and expand his vocabulary.

  1. Puppet Show

The value of this game is underestimated by many parents since they think that it is just entertainment. However, this game develops the following skills:

  • The skill of presenting the material.
  • Clear speech.
  • Memory training.

In order to make a home theater, it is not at all necessary to stock up on special finger puppets. It will be enough to use only those toys that you have. If you still want to use the creativity of the child with the development of fine motor skills, then you can make paper dolls. Cut out faces from paper and attach them to a stick. As for the script, you need to choose a fairy tale that the child knows very well. Read it to your child again, and then start acting it out in your theater.

Remember that you do not need to immediately require your child to tell the story with intonation or with complete accuracy in the context of the script. The main thing is for your child to grasp the essence of how to convey information, and your task is to help and teach him to do this.

  1. Forbidden Words

This game is suitable for children of all ages and will be an interesting activity for adults as well. As for the benefits, frequent play in this game contributes to:

  • Development of attention.
  • Memory improvement
  • Development of thinking and improvement of decision-making speed.

To start the game, you need to choose a few words that will become forbidden. To start the game and understand its essence, you can choose colors. For example, black and white. Next, you need to ask the child questions and he must answer without forbidden words. For instance:

What color is the sheet of paper? A sheet of paper is light like clouds / a sheet of paper of the same color as milk.

With one pair of forbidden words, you can play many options, but so that the child does not quickly get bored with the game, then come up with new forbidden words more often. The advantage of this game is that you can play it while walking, before going to bed, and so on.

Final Advice

As you can see, playing with children at home is a fun and rewarding activity for the whole family. Children receive attention and develop vital skills, and parents can improve their relationship with their children. What is more, such educational games for kids are much more useful and enjoyable than spending time on the Internet. Pick the games you like the most and make them a Sunday tradition.


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