5 Best Spanish TV Shows to Help You Learn Spanish

Thanks to the internet, everyone can access hundreds of newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV channels from all over the world. You can quickly get the latest news from another country or consume any type of content in another language, which is a great opportunity for people who like to learn. For example, if you want to learn Spanish, you’re not limited to traditional textbooks and courses. You can also learn this language by simply watching TV shows in Spanish.

We all watch TV shows to relax after a busy day. However, they can not only entertain but also educate viewers. You can choose TV shows about your favorite topics and watch them in Spanish, learning new words and phrases. This way, you can study various dialects and types of Spanish while sitting on your couch and drinking hot chocolate . What can be better?

We selected five Spanish TV shows that will be appreciated by people with different levels of Spanish and different interests. Enjoy!


This is a TV series created specifically for people who want to learn Spanish. It will be a good choice if you’re a beginner because it will introduce you to many common words and phrases from everyday life. However, you should already be familiar with the basics. The plot revolves around Raquel Rodríguez, a lawyer who travels to Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Argentina trying to unravel the mystery of a dying man. Destinos has good dialogues and is quite interesting to watch. 52 episodes will help you familiarize yourself with four different Spanish accents and dialects. Perhaps, the only drawback is that the series was filmed more than 20 years ago so it lacks some modern expressions. To watch Destinos online for free, visit this link.

Dora the Explorer

Given that this famous animated show was created for kids, it will be a perfect solution for a total beginner who has never heard Spanish before. There are eight seasons that illustrate the adventures of a Mexican-American girl Dora and her monkey friend. Dora introduces the audience to many Spanish words and phrases and sings songs in Spanish. If you’re looking for a TV show that will help your kids learn Spanish, it’s a great option. The series is available on Amazon Prime.


This is a great high budget TV show created for a Spanish-speaking audience. The series will be appreciated by intermediates and advanced learners who want to learn Spain dialect. The series focuses on Queen Isabella of Spain who needed to overcome numerous challenges of a patriarchal society that expected women to be wives and mothers. There is a very catchy storyline full of action and drama, as well as great acting, which makes the series binge-worthy. However, all the characters speak the 15th century Spanish so you may need to turn on the subtitles. The series is available on Amazon Prime.

El Tiempo Entre Costuras

This series will also be appreciated by advanced learners and intermediates. The scene takes place in the 1930s Spain, before the Spanish Civil War. Sira Quiroga is a seamstress who leaves Madrid because of the man she loves and starts a workshop. This is a great, well-produced drama about love, politics, and betrayal. You may have difficulties with the language if you’re used to the Latin American Spanish, but again, subtitles will help you. El Tiempo Entre Costuras is also available on Amazon Prime.

La Casa de Papel

After this TV show was bought and edited by Netflix, it became one of the most popular foreign language series of this streaming service. This series tells a story about a gang of robbers who took hostages at the Royal Mint of Spain, planning to escape with 2 billion euros. A perfect choice for binge-watching, this series is also a great option for advanced learners. You can watch all the three seasons of La Casa de Papel on Netflix.


Learning a new language takes a lot of time and dedication. However, you don’t need to spend all of your time reading textbooks and dictionaries. Sometimes, we all need to just relax, so why not learn Spanish while watching an interesting TV series? TV shows allow you to learn spoken Spanish while sitting on your couch and eating tacos, so don’t hesitate to use them to your advantage.

Rhonda Martinez is a former journalist and English language teacher for adults. She is currently working as a content writer and editor at LegitWritingServices, where she helps students improve their writing skills and boost their GPA.