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48 Hours of Spanish for BLOC 1, BLOC 2 or BLOC 3

Our biggest savings on private Spanish lessons! Click “Buy” here to purchase 48 hours worth of classes, your BLOC level will be determined by our course consultant. We suggest taking 2-3 classes per week, at an hour and a half per class.

Price: $1,699.00

  • Jaimie Vincent

    This month I’m leading a team of 20 workers to make basic apartments for moms who are raising their youngsters by themselves. All these workers don’t know Spanish at all and are asking me about Spanish courses.

    I tell them to get Rocket Spanish (video presentation here ), Why? because I use it myself and it’s effective. I’m on a constant pursuit to attain fluency in Spanish so I’ve tested many courses and study programs. All of them have been boring or needed a degree of discipline that I just can’t manage. Your lessons are absorbing and actual, they incorporate lots of real-life situations that I encounter every time I fly to Venezuela, it even teaches you how to argue in Spanish, what can be better than that.

    I have a lot of good friends in Venezuela, until now our conversations have been casual. I look forward to my next trip to further improve these relationships with my new Spanish skills. So if want to learn Spanish fast, try Rocket Spanish. Stop searching and start learning!