4 Ways Learning a Language Opens Up Your Opportunities Abroad

When seeking an internship, school or a job abroad, you can open up many more opportunities for yourself. From creating valuable connections to enhancing your intercultural communication skills, let’s go over four ways in which learning a language fosters more opportunities abroad. Specifically, learning a language:

1. Helps You Make Connections

Learning a language overseas builds a global network of contacts that you can rely on later when you need a job. Everyone you come into contact with, from secretaries to vice presidents, will become a vital part of this network, one you can hone and foster over the years. Calling on a contact you met during your first years abroad can secure you a position you may never have thought possible. At the very least, they can get you in the door.

Make, cherish and work at those friendships, and don’t neglect them. When you maintain your network, even after you have left a position, you will feel confident about relying on them for references later on. Overall, contacts can shape the very foundation of your career.

2. Improves Your Intercultural Communication

When you are able to communicate in a foreign land – while you’re actually learning the language – you broaden your experience in so many ways. It’s been proven that learning a language is much faster and easier when you speak the language on a daily basis with native speakers. But this opportunity goes far beyond just knowing the local language.

Yes, you will need a technical background and knowledge of the language, but you must also learn about and grasp the culture, traditions, and non-verbal communication cues that are so important to any given language. Future employers will be very happy to see that you have already established those valuable connections, skipping a big step in terms of training.

3. Adds to Your Resume

Nothing adds weight to your resume than actual in-the-trenches experience. Get noticed by potential employers by including more than your technical proficiency on your resume. Show them that you have valuable travel and language experience, which will most likely translate to a higher paying salary. You’ll gather important life experiences that can’t always be quantified on paper. Employers will want to see your professional achievements to ensure you have the chops, but showing them your cultural side is just as important.

4. Gets You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Learning a language helps you with opportunities abroad in other ways too, most notably in developing on a personal, professional and emotional level. When you push yourself to get out of your comfort zone, you can tackle more obstacles and learn from them. So, go ahead, embrace your fears and show everyone you can do it. You’ll certainly need those envelope-pushing skills throughout your career. Find new opportunities, work for unique employers, get that experience, and grow.

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