20 Tips for Practicing a Foreign Language

Sailing in Italy

As the waves of the sea continue to lap the beach without getting tired, sometimes slow sometimes impetuous, so we must continue to practice a foreign language: constantly and without tiring. Sometimes slowly, sometimes impetuous! Students of the Italian language often write to cyberitalian.com to find out what is the best way to learn the language. The best way does not exist, in the sense that it depends a lot on the character of the student, his goals and his motivations.

Sailing in Portofino

Sailing in Portofino, Italy

Some students love only the playful part of learning, others are analytical and want to study the grammar in depth and have lots of exercises. Italian is one of the most studied languages in the world and there are lots of online and offline resources to learn it. On the Internet there are many resources also for other languages and each student can choose the method of learning that he prefers or follow different methods. Each student can pick and choose the learning method he prefers. But there is a point that unites every learning strategy and that is constancy. You need to persevere and not abandon your studies. Practicing in every possible way, reading, listening, studying, chatting. Even if it is just one word a day. But you must stick with it.

Pasta Alla Matriciana

Pasta alla matriciana, typical of Rome Italy

Below we propose a few tips for practicing the language with songs, films, and news. These exercises can be found on cyberitalian.com. We have divided them into levels to facilitate the practice, but each student, regardless of his level can try them all. The important thing is to continue to practice constantly, without getting tired, sometimes slow, sometimes impetuous!

5 tips to practice Italian with songs

10 tips for watching Italian films

5 tips to listen to the news in Italian

Maura Garau is the Founder of www.cyberitalian.com, an online tool with in-depth Italian lessons. If you want to test your level of knowledge of the Italian language, take a placement test here. Buona pratica dell’italiano – Enjoy the practice of the Italian language!