20 Basic Brazilian Portuguese Phrases

Basic Portuguese Phrases

Are you planning to go to Brazil this summer? Your trip will be much more enjoyable and rewarding if you learn some key phrases in Portuguese and manage to communicate with locals.

Here are some basic Portuguese phrases, along with their English translations, to help you get your point across:

– Oi, tudo bem?
– Hi, how are you?

– Tudo bem e você?
– I am fine, and you?

– Prazer (your name)
– Nice to meet you. My name is ….

– Qual é seu nome?
– What’s your name?

– De onde você é?
– Where are you from?

– Eu sou americano(a)
I am American

– Nossa! Quanto tempo!
– Long time no see!

Saudades de você!
– I miss you!

– Você pode falar devagar por favor?
– Can you speak more slowly please?

– Você está entendendo?
– Do you understand?

– Eu só falo um pouco de português
– I speak little Portuguese

– Como se diz….. em português?
– How do you say……… in Portuguese?

– O que é isso?
– What is this?

– Qual é o preço disso?
– What is the price of this?

– Quanto custa isso?
– How much is this?

– Desculpa!
– I’m sorry

– Com licença/ licença por favor
– Excuse me/excuse me please

– Obrigado(a)
– Thank you

– Foi ótimo te conhecer!
– It was great meeting you!

– Tchau! A gente se vê!
– Bye! See you!

More Than Basic Portuguese Phrases

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