13 Must-Do Things in Brazil

It’s certainly not easy to put together a short and sweet list of the unmissable things a tourist should do while visiting Brazil. The country is enormous, ethnically and culturally diverse and nature so lush and amazing… but since it’s impossible to list everything, we rounded up 13 things anyone visiting the country for the first time should do, eat and experience.

  • Drink fresh coconut water in the beach. It’s delicious, super refreshing and hydrating.
  • Girls, get a Brazilian bikini and a colorful canga
  • Get ready to be greeted with one or two kisses in the cheek (woman-man, woman-woman), or hugs (man-man)
  • If traveling to the Northeast, put “Lençóis Maranhanses” on the top of your list. It’s absolutely stunning! The beaches from the states of Alagoas and Pernambuco are also amazing and worth a visit

    Photo by Rosanetur C.C 2.0

  • If you’re heading to Rio, go for a SUP (stand up paddle board) session at Praia Vermelha, then hike the Pedra Bonita trail, where hang gliders launch for amazing views
  • Staying few days in São Paulo? Then Avenida Paulista, old downtown and the neighborhood of Vila Madalena are a must see spots
  • Try all the exotic fruit tropical juices. My favorites: acerola, cajá and siriguela
  • Get the BEST açaí bowl of your life. The fruit is typical from the Amazon region, and Brazilians have been perfecting the concoction for a long time (way before the hype have disseminated abroad)
  • Get the classic and perfect combo média com pão de queijo – latte with -to die for- cheese bread. If you prefer a more refreshing drink go for the hype espresso tonic
  • Try to make friends with the locals. You will get the best tips, recommendations and get to know the culture better. Learning some Portuguese will go a long way!
  • Go to see a samba school rehearsal in Rio or SP. It’s one of a kind experience.
  • If you’re looking for a real adventure then there’s no other place like the Amazon Rainforest -the largest and most biodiverse natural reserve in the world
  • Blend in, slow down, soak up the culture, try the typical food, make new friends and have fun!!