​9 Reasons Learning Spanish Is Awesome

Today we are publishing a guest post by Anthony Larsen on why you should learn Spanish now!

Thinking about learning Spanish? Here are 9 reasons to learn the most popular of the Romance languages.

1) It’s Easy

Both Spanish and English share common roots in Latin and Greek.  As a result there are thousands of similar words shared between the two languages. Spanish grammar is also fairly straightforward.  Even though Spanish verbs may initially prove a challenge to a native English speaker, once you get a feel for the language and its structure things get much easier.

2) Popularity

With well over 400 million native speakers Spanish is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world (right behind Mandarin, English, and Hindi). Over 20 countries cite it as an official or national language, and with a rapidly growing Hispanic population you can be sure that the Spanish language is here to stay.

3) Travel

With over 20 Spanish speaking countries spread over three continents Spanish opens the doors on travel opportunities. From the robust and classical heritage of old world Spain to the bright and eclectic scenes of Latin America, knowing Spanish can more than satisfy is the greatest case of wanderlust. There are also a plethora of exotic and affordable destinations in Latin America ranging from beautiful beaches, mysterious jungles, to bustling cities.

4) Rich History and Diverse Cultures

Spanish and Latin American culture date back hundreds of years.  Each Spanish speaking country has its own unique heritage ranging from colonial Spain, native Mayan or Incan cultures, to even Ancient Rome and Moors in Spain proper.

5) Business

Speaking Spanish provides a cutting edge in today’s competitive workforce. The Spanish speaking market within the US has shown tremendous growth.  While Latin America has seen significant amounts of foreign investment in recent years.

6) It’s healthy

Research has shown that speaking another language actually improves brain functioning and helps deter the cognitive loss that occurs during aging. It has also shown that being bilingual helps with memory and recall skills.

7) Music

Music is a large part of Spanish and Latin American culture. There are a plethora of traditional genres that have originated from the Spanish speaking world such as tango, salsa, and flamenco to name a few.  There are also more pop oriented genres like Reggaeton (a very popular genre).  Even if you’re not a fan of Reggaeton there plenty of Spanish musical artists who play other styles.

8) In the USA Spanish is Becoming a Native Language

There are over 50 million speakers in the USA (more than there are in Spain). In fact the US is the country with the second largest Spanish speaking population, behind Mexico. It’s estimated that by 2050 the US will have over 138 million Spanish speakers and be the largest Spanish speaking country in the world.

9) People

Of the all the wonderful reasons for learning Spanish nothing comes close to the people you will meet. There’s no way to describe that sensation you feel when you connect with someone from a different background, culture, and country and begin a genuine friendship. You won’t look at the world the same after.


Anthony Larsen is a writer and founder of SpanishHackers.com. When he’s not providing useful Spanish learning tips he loves to travel and drink overpriced coffee.