What Is BRIC

BRIC is an online language learning system dedicated to giving people the tools they need for success in a globally competitive age. The name BRIC refers to the rapidly growing and dynamic emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, and China. It illustrates the value we place on knowing the languages of the emerging world. Despite the name, we do not restrict ourselves to BRIC languages. Instead, we offer the languages that we consider the most valuable Languages for Today…and Tomorrow. These include Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese, with Russian and Hindi coming soon.

Ryan McMunn, Founder of BRIC Language SystemsMy name is Ryan McMunn, founder of BRIC Language Systems. As the former VP of Asian Operations at a US manufacturing firm based in Shanghai, I spent 5 years struggling to learn Mandarin. I tried immersion classes, “innovative computer programs,” flash cards, and anything else I could get my hands on. After several failed attempts, I found a school in Shanghai whose teaching method was built specifically for Mandarin Chinese. Unlike other language learning programs, which are built for one language and then applied to all languages, this was built to accommodate the unique aspects of the Chinese language. After only a few months I was finally speaking Mandarin fluently with friends and colleagues. This success sparked my desire to utilize cutting edge technology to bring local teachers, and tailor made language learning programs, to students everywhere. This truly is a Revolutionary Approach to language training that ensures the highest success rates.

BRIC Language Systems fuses its premiere, modernized language learning technique with the most sophisticated, interactive technology in the world; providing versatility and flexibility to aspiring business professionals, leisure travelers, and everyone in between.

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