Spanish Corporate Group Lessons

This course is for for businesses operating in Spanish speaking countries that need to learn Spanish. If you have groups of 3 or more colleagues that can do class at the same time we can set a date and time convenient for you to begin to your classes. Everyone just needs to be able to get online at the same time and day each week. Groups of 3 or more also enjoy corporate discounts highlighted below.

Corporate group packages are available for all levels, everyone in the group just needs to be at the same level. If your team is not beginners our Spanish language experts will place your group in the appropriate BLOC.

To complete each level typically takes 48 HOURS OF INSTRUCTION TIME. However 12 AND 24 hour packages are available. Sign up for a free trial today!

Baseline Pricing & Corporate Discount

  • 12 Hour Course: $275/learner
  • 3 – 5 Private Lessons Save 10% total
  • 24 Hour Course: $400/learner
  • – 10 Private Lessons Save 15% total
  • 48 Hour Course: 700/learner
  • 10+ Private Lessons Save 20% total


  • Online lessons from a teacher living in Mexico
  • Customized training on subjects you’re interested in
  • Cultural training
  • Modern & interactive learning content
  • Tips from your teacher who lives in Mexico
  • The chance to meet your teacher if you go to Mexico
  • Learn from anywhere at anytime your group chooses
  • Recordings of each lesson for practice


What You Learn

  • BLOC 1 – The alphabet, greetings & introductions
  • BLOC 2 – Shopping, frequently used expressions
  • BLOC 3 – Giving/receiving information
  • BLOC 4 – Expressing opinions and emotions
  • BLOC 5 – Appropriate verbal communication inside and outside the workplace