Private Mandarin Classes for Corporate Clients

Private business Mandarin classes by BRIC are the fastest way to learn the language that fits your business goals. If your company has 3 or more people interested in signing up for BRIC’s world class Mandarin Chinese training you can enjoy discounted rates while working to enhance your business footprint in China.

Sign up for a FREE TRIAL today and our Experts will determine the best level for you based on your current skills and proficiency in Chinese.  We offer everything from beginner through advanced level courses. The decision on how many hours you would like to purchase after your FREE TRIAL is completely up to you. Check out our Mandarin Chinese Course Descriptions here for more information.

Baseline Pricing & Corporate Discount

  • 12 Hour Course: $400/learner
  • 3 – 5 Private Lessons Save 10% total
  • 24 Hour Course: $700/learner
  • – 10 Private Lessons Save 15% total
  • 48 Hour Course: $1300/learner
  • 10+ Private Lessons Save 20% total


What you get:

  • Online lessons from a teacher living in CHINA
  • Cultural training
  • Customized training on the subjects that you’re interested in
  • The chance to meet your teacher when you arrive in China
  • Tips from your teacher who lives in China
  • Modern & interactive learning content
  • Recordings of each lesson for practice
  • Idiomatic expressions