Brazilian Portuguese


Why you should learn it: Portuguese is the worlds 8th most widely spoken language, the 3rd most spoken in the Western hemisphere, and the official language of Brazil. A former Portuguese colony today known for its magnificent beaches, beautiful people, and Carnaval, Brazil is the only BRIC country in the Western hemisphere. It is also home to South Americas largest population (5th largest on earth), and one of the worlds fastest growing and most dynamic economies. Currently the 10th largest trading partner of the US and quickly moving up the rankings Brazil is ready to assume its place among the leading nations of the world.

Brazilian opportunities are everywhere and speaking Portuguese will enable you to capture those opportunities. São Paulo, affectionately called Brazils Locomotive, is a vibrant business and cultural center and also home to our BRIC language guides. This ensures that you are learning todays Brazilian Portuguese. You will need determination and dedication in order to master the language but it can be done. Speaking Portuguese will gain you the respect of your Brazilian colleagues, business partners, and friends. It will open doors you never knew existed and expose you to the fast paced world of Brazilian business. Sign up for a free online evaluation today and start building your future one BRIC at a time.

Whether you are a total beginner or want to brush up your skills, your BLOC level will be determined by your Language Guide and Course Consultant following your free evaluation/course consultation. The decision on how many hours you would like to purchase is up to you.

Advantage BRIC

System Features In-school class Private tutor Rosetta Stone BRIC
Customized to fit the language No No No YES
Customized to fit the Student No Yes No YES
In Location Guides No No No YES
Modern Content No No Yes YES
Teaching Quality Maybe Maybe No YES
Cultural Training Maybe Maybe No YES
Full Interactivity Maybe Yes No YES
Personal Attention Maybe Yes No YES
Affordable Maybe No Yes YES
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BLOC 1: Foundation Building – Beginner


Essential Brazilian Portuguese Level 1: recommended beginner and intermediate level. You have never taken Brazilian Portuguese or may know just a few words or simple sentences. Even if you have taken classes before this is a good refresher course. There are 32 lessons, each consisting of a dialogue (with audio), essential vocabulary and grammar points and exercises. There are two revision lessons and two video lessons, enabling students to practice their skills.


Some of the topics presented are pronunciation, greetings, meeting people, talking about the weather, ordering food, likes and dislikes, giving directions, making appointments, running errands, seeing a doctor, and many more.


From the very beginning our course focuses on everyday situations and the practice of contemporary vocabulary and grammar. The dialogues illustrate the lives of Brazilians and Americans living and working in Brazil, and every chapter presents cultural tips, idiomatic expressions and proverbs. Youll have all the tools you need to start communicating effectively. And because our course is customizable, your teacher will work with you to add content that is relevant to your needs and interests.


Brazilian Portuguese Products

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World Cup Course E-Book

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Portuguese E-Book

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Pay Per Class of Portuguese for BLOC 1, BLOC 2 or BLOC 3

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48 Hours of Portuguese for BLOC 1, BLOC 2 or BLOC 3

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24 Hours of Portuguese for BLOC 1, BLOC 2 or BLOC 3

Take 24 hours of Portuguese class and save! Click "Buy" here to purchase 24 hours worth of classes, your BLOC level will be determined by our course consultant. We suggest 2-3 classes per week at an h... More >>

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24 Hours of Group Portuguese Class

Monday and Wed at 6-7:30PM; Tue and Thu at 6-7:30PM (NY time) starting the second Monday of each week.