Once you have decided which language you would like to learn, (Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish) it’s time to schedule your free trial!

What does your Language Learning Free Trial from BRIC Language Systems include? In addition to a one-on-one, 30-minute session with one of our language teachers based in China, Brazil or Mexico you have access to an abundance of exclusive BRIC Language Systems interactive online content, white boards for writing and drawing and so much more!

Fill out the form below to help us determine how BRIC can best help you. We’ll confirm the date/time of your free trial and send an invitation to our online meeting center. Just follow the link in the invitation and we’ll get started!

Language Learning


Connect & learn from anywhere with an internet connection.


Private 30-minute session with a BRIC language teacher.

White Boards

Abundance of exclusive BRIC Language Systems interactive online content.